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Cell Jeopardy. Structures. Cycling. Light. Dark. Respiration. Q $100. Q $100. Q $100. Q $100. Q $100. Q $200. Q $200. Q $200. Q $200. Q $200. Q $300. Q $300. Q $300. Q $300. Q $300. Q $400. Q $400. Q $400. Q $400. Q $400. Q $500. Q $500. Q $500. Q $500. Q $500.

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Cell Jeopardy

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Cell Jeopardy






Q $100

Q $100

Q $100

Q $100

Q $100

Q $200

Q $200

Q $200

Q $200

Q $200

Q $300

Q $300

Q $300

Q $300

Q $300

Q $400

Q $400

Q $400

Q $400

Q $400

Q $500

Q $500

Q $500

Q $500

Q $500

Final Jeopardy

$100 Question from H1

The “Powerhouse” of the cell

$100 Answer from H1

What is a mitochondrion?

What are mitochondria?

$200 Question from H1

Stores information (DNA) that

controls the making of proteins

and all other cell activities

$200 Answer from H1

What is the nucleus?

$300 Question from H1

The first make proteins; the second

Customizes and packages the proteins

$300 Answer from H1

What are ribosomes and Golgi bodies?

$400 Question from H1

They are 2 things lacking in animal

cells but present in plant cells

$400 Answer from H1

What are chloroplasts and a cell wall?

$500 Question from H1

Diffusion, facilitated diffusion, and


$500 Answer from H1

What are forms of passive transport?

$100 Question from H2

Because there is an information crisis,

diffusion is too slow, and there is not

enough surface area to support the huge

volume of reacting material.

$100 Answer from H2

Why do cells divide?

What makes cells divide?

Why is there a size limit on cells?

$200 Question from H2

The longest part of the cell cycle

$200 Answer from H2

What is interphase?

$300 Question from H2


$300 Answer from H2

What are prophase, metaphase,

anaphase and telophase?

What is mitosis?

$400 Question from H2

The initial part of interphase where

the new cells grow and develop

$400 Answer from H2

What is gap 1?

$500 Question from H2

Cleavage furrowing and

Cell plating

$500 Answer from H2

What is cytokinesis?

$100 Question from H3

The catalyst for photosynthesis

$100 Answer from H3

What is chlorophyll?

$200 Question from H3

A combination of adenine, sugar,

and phosphates that store energy

for later use

$200 Answer from H3

What is ATP?

$300 Question from H3

Oxygen gas, NADPH, and ATP

$300 Answer from H3

What are the products of the

light dependent reactions of


$400 Question from H3

Disc-shaped structures of the grana

that contain chlorophyll for photo-


$400 Answer from H3

What are the thylakoids?

$500 Question from H3

A producer organism like a

photosynthetic protist that begins

a food chain

$500 Answer from H3

What is an autotroph?

$100 Question from H4

The “rotating” name of the light

independent reactions

$100 Answer from H4

What is the Calvin Cycle?

$200 Question from H4

The main product of the

Calvin Cycle

$200 Answer from H4

What is the carbohydrate molecule

known as glucose sugar?

$300 Question from H4

The sources of the energy, the

carbon, and the hydrogen for the

Calvin cycle.

$300 Answer from H4

What are ATP, CO2, and NADPH?

$400 Question from H4

Anytime, around the clock, because

it doesn’t need sunlight.

$400 Answer from H4

When does the Calvin Cycle occur?

$500 Question from H4

The fluid-filled cavity of the

chloroplast where the light

independent reactions occur

$500 Answer from H4

What is the stroma?

$100 Question from H5

The anaerobic form of energy release

that occurs in the human body.

$100 Answer from H5

What is lactic acid fermentation?

$200 Question from H5

The amount of energy resulting from

respiration of one molecule of

glucose sugar

$200 Answer from H5

What is 36 ATP?

$300 Question from H5

In the absence of oxygen, it will

follow glycolysis

$300 Answer from H5

What is fermentation?

$400 Question from H5

It is how photosynthesis and

respiration are related

$400 Answer from H5

What is opposites

Or reverses?

$500 Question from H5

The correct sequence of the major

parts of cell respiration

$500 Answer from H5

What is glycolysis, Kreb’s Cycle,

and then electron transport chain?

Final Jeopardy

  • All living things are made of cells

  • The cell is the basic unit of structure

  • and function.

  • Cells come from previously

  • existing cells.

Final Jeopardy Answer

What is the Cell Theory?

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