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Harrisville Central School. “ Teachers are Human” Grades 3-5 ELA. Unit Plan Summary:.

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Harrisville Central School

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Harrisville Central School

“Teachers are Human”Grades 3-5 ELA

Unit Plan Summary:

New students and some returning students are not familiar with the staff and room locations of teachers in grades K-5. My class will create a booklet for other students to familiarize them with the school and the staff.  Students will generate interview questions, complete the interview, and create a page for the booklet. Hopefully they will then create a video of these interviews as read by the student.

Essential Question

How are we all different?

  • How do I write things that people will want to read?

  • How can I get good feedback on my writing and give my classmates good feedback on their writing?

Unit Questions

Content Questions

  • How do good writers proofread their writing for spelling?

  • How do writers make sure their writing is in good sentences?

  • How do I use the computer to write my interview?

Benefits of Using Project Approaches, Ongoing Assessment, and CFQs in My Unit

  • Students use their writing skills to write about something important to them—their school.

  • Their writing has a real audience—new students to the school.

  • Students collaborate with peers to collect information about the school.

  • They learn writing and thinking skills while they are working on the project.

  • Throughout the project they give and receive feedback on their work.

By Using Project Approaches, Ongoing Assessment, and CFQs

My Students Will:

  • Experience writing for a real audience and use technology to enhance their learning

  • Gain self-assessment and self-direction skills that they will use and build on all year long

Gauging Student Needs Assessment

  • I will use my Essential and Unit Questions to:

  • Find out what students think about what good writing is and how good writers work

  • Gather information on higher-order thinking and 21st century skills:

    • By answering how good writers write, students will show their metacognitive awareness of writing strategies

    • By taking on different perspectives and predicting their needs, students will anticipate what people want to know about the school

Gauging Student Needs Assessment

  • What I will learn from the assessment

    • What my students think good writing is so I know what to teach them

    • What writing process my students use

  • What my students will gain from the assessment

    • An articulation of their thoughts about good writing

    • A chance to set writing goals for the unit

My Goals

  • Learn about different kinds of technology that will motivate my students

  • Find ways to get my students to do more higher-order thinking

  • Learn some strategies for helping students do projects from other teachers

Let’s Have a Great Year!

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