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Cholesterol. Steran skeleton. Characteristics of steran-derived compound. Angular methyl group: AB,CD Substituent of C3 : R1 Double bounds: 4/5 C 5/6 C C17: R2 -OH =O Carbonic atom containing side chains ríng In position of C11, C12 -OH =O „A” ring - aromatic

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Steran skeleton

Steran skeleton

Characteristics of steran derived compound

Characteristics of steran-derived compound

  • Angular methyl group: AB,CD

  • Substituent of C3 : R1

  • Double bounds:

    • 4/5 C

    • 5/6 C

    • C17: R2

    • -OH

    • =O

    • Carbonic atom containing side chains

    • ríng

  • In position of C11, C12

    • -OH

    • =O

  • „A” ring - aromatic

    • no C19 angular CH3



  • 8 chiral carbon atoms: 256 possible stereoisomer

  • C19 – angular methylgroup

  • C13, C17 – cis

  • C3 –OH cis

  • Reduction of cholesterol results in two different compounds

Saturated derivatives of cholesterol

Saturated derivatives of cholesterol

Biosynthesis of cholesterol

Biosynthesis of cholesterol


Ac-CoA - Mevalonate

Acetyl coa hmg coa mevalonate

Acetyl-CoA – HMG-CoA - Mevalonate

  • Ac-CoA – Acetoacetyl - CoA

    • Ketone body formation in mitochondria

    • Biosynthesis of cholesterol is extramitochondrial

    • Diffusion of excess acetoacetate into citosol

    • Acetoacetate is activated by Acetyl-CoA synthase -- acetoacetyl-CoA

      • ATP, CoA

Acetyl coa hmg coa mevalonate1

Acetyl-CoA – HMG-CoA - Mevalonate

  • Acetoacetyl-CoA – HMG-CoA

    • Acetoacetyl-CoA + acetyl-CoA

Acetyl coa hmg coa mevalonate2

Acetyl-CoA – HMG-CoA - Mevalonate

  • HMG-CoA – Mevalonate

    • Two stage reduction

      • NADPH

    • Microsomal enzyme

    • The rate limiting step of cholesterol biosynthesis Statins

Hmg coa inhibitors

HMG-CoA inhibitors

Treatment of hypercholesterolemia

Treatment of Hypercholesterolemia

Mechanism of actions of statins

Mechanism of actions of Statins

  • Fig. 1.Inhibition of HMG CoA reductase reduces intracellular cholesterol levels; this activates a protease, which in turn cleaves sterol regulatory element-binding proteins (SREBP's) from the endoplasmic reticulum. The SREBP's translocate to the nucleus where they upregulate expression of the LDL receptor gene. Enhanced LDL receptor expression increases receptor-mediated endocytosis of LDL and thus lowers serum LDL. Inhibition of HMG CoA reductase also reduces intracellular levels of isoprenoids, which are intermediates in cholesterol biosynthesis. (From the American College of Cardiology. Vaughan, CJ, Gotto, AM, Basson, CT. J Am Coll Cardiol 2000; 35:1).

Hmg coa reductase coa hmg coa reductase rosuvastatin

HMG CoA Reductase + CoAHMG CoA Reductase + Rosuvastatin

Biosynthesis of cholesterol1

Biosynthesis of cholesterol


Active isoprenoid units

Mevalonate active isoprenoid units

Mevalonate – active isoprenoid units

  • Phosphorylation of ATP

  • Intermediers

Biosynthesis of cholesterol2

Biosynthesis of cholesterol

6 izoprenoid units



Synthesis of squalene

Synthesis of Squalene

  • Geranyl-PP

  • Farnesyl-PP

  • 2 Farnesyl-PP

  • Squalene

Biosynthesis of cholesterol3

Biosynthesis of cholesterol

Squalene - Lanosterol


Squalene lanosterol talakul s

Squalene – lanosterol átalakulás


Mixed function


Squalene epoxydase

Biosynthesis of cholesterol4

Biosynthesis of cholesterol

Lanosterol - cholesterol


Squalene lanosterol conversion

Squalene – lanosterol conversion


Squalene &

Sterol carrier


Farnesyl pp precursor of other compounds

Farnesyl-PP precursor of other compounds

  • Ubiquinone

  • Dolichol

Regulation of cholesterol biosynthesis

Regulation of Cholesterol biosynthesis

Bile acids

Bile acids

Tauro ~

Glyko ~

Tauro ~

Glyko ~


Chenodeoxycholic acid

Litocholic acid

Cholic acid

Primary bile acids

Deoxycholic acid

Secondary bile acids



Compartmentalisation of bile acid synthesis

Compartmentalisation of bile acid synthesis


Monooxygenase, NADPH, Cit P450

Conjugation of

Taurin &

Glycine + Bile acids

Side chain -”cleavage”

Enterohepatic circulation

Enterohepatic circulation

Treatment of hypercholesterolemia1

Treatment of Hypercholesterolemia

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