Lightning football 2009
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Lightning Football 2009 PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Lightning Football 2009. Chemically-Free Presentation. Why Are We Here. There are athletes that use every day There are athletes that use throughout the season There are athletes that use and play on game day There are athletes that want to quit using

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Lightning Football 2009

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Lightning football 2009

Lightning Football 2009

Chemically-Free Presentation

Why are we here

Why Are We Here

  • There are athletes that use every day

  • There are athletes that use throughout the season

  • There are athletes that use and play on game day

  • There are athletes that want to quit using

  • Marijuana use has become more prevalent than alcohol

  • Marijuana is easier to obtain

  • Marijuana is more difficult to detect – a person is less likely to get “caught” unless they actually have paraphernalia on them

  • Athletes do not perceive that marijuana “impairs” them or hampers their athletic performance

  • Alcohol is still a problem

  • Some athletes “pre-medicate” on game days

  • Other chemicals are being used as well

What our Student-athletes are saying

What do we do

What Do We Do

  • Meaningful Chemically-Free Contract

    • Community Investment

    • Honor System with student accountability – change the culture of acceptability

    • Parental support and monitoring

  • We need to do….

    • Education

    • Service

    • Fun

    • New Lettering Policy

The contract

The Contract

  • Lightning Football Chemical Commitment Statement

  • I, _____________________, hereby commit to the

    following as of ____________________.

Lightning football 2009

  • I will be chemically free. 

  • I will help my fellow teammates and classmates be chemically free.

  • I will actively remove myself from situations in which chemicals are being used.

  • I will support other student athletes that are committed to being chemically free.

Lightning football 2009

  • I understand that this commitment will require the support of many people. I will rely on the people listed below to help me. I will be open and honest with them.

Lightning football 2009


Follow up activities

Follow-up Activities

  • Leadership League

  • Leadership Council

  • Fridays in May – League Meetings

    • Council Structure (6 Sr., 2 Jr., 2 Soph, 2 Frosh)

    • Elect Council Members

    • Educational Activities concerning chemical use

    • Leadership Sessions

Lightning football 2009

  • Summer Activities (Service)

    • Feed Our Starving Children

    • Children’s Hospital

  • Summer Activities (Fun)

    • Father/Son Softball Game

    • Wii Tournament

    • Bowling Tournament

    • Brunswick Zone

    • PaintBall

Varsity football excursion

Varsity Football Excursion

  • Potentially an Overnight Activity

  • Centered Around Commitment Activities

  • Involve Parents

2009 lettering policy

2009 Lettering Policy

  • Lightning Football Lettering Policy

  • Academics:

    Q2 GPA above 3.0 and No Detentions/Suspensions______(5)Q3 GPA above 3.0 and No Detentions/Suspensions______(5)Q4 GPA above 3.0 and No Detentions/Suspensions______(5)Q1 GPA above 3.0 and No Detentions/Suspensions______(5)Total _____(20)

Lightning football 2009

  • Weight Room:

    Winter Strength Packet Completed ______(5)Winter Strength Testing Completed______(5)Spring Strength Packet Completed______(5)Spring Strength Testing Completed______(5)Summer Strength Packet Completed______(5)Summer Strength Testing Completed______(5)Fall Strength Packet Completed______(5)Fall Strength Testing Completed______(5)Total _____(40)

Lightning football 2009

  • Multisport Athletes:

    Participate in EVHS Winter Sport or

    Winter Strength & Conditioning 3Days/Week ______(5)

    Participate in EVHS Spring Sport or

    Spring Strength & Conditioning 3Days/Week ______(5)

    Participate in Summer Super Group 3Days/Week _____(10)

    Total _____(20)

  • Chemical Free:Signed Chemical Free Form

    Approved by Leadership CouncilTotal _____(20)

Lightning football 2009

  • Community Service:Football Related (EVAA Camp/Clinc) or other: _____(10)Non-Football Related (Relay for Life) or other: _____(10)*Any Personal Foul Penalty Results in

    Extra Community ServiceTotal _____(20)

    Fundraising:Completed Gold Card Requirements (Sell 10 Cards) _____(10)Completed Applebee’s Pancake Breakfast

    Requirements (Sell 10 Cards) _____(10)Total _____(20)

Lightning football 2009

  • Practice Participation:No Unexcused Absences _____(10)Turn in All Equipment/Jerseys at End of Season_____(10)Total _____(20)

    Team Football Performance:Varsity/Sophomore A Season

    (5Wins=2pts, 6W=3pts, 7W=4pts, 8W=5pts ) _____(5)

    Varsity Postseason

    (Section Champs = 5 Points, State Champs = 10 Points _____(15)Team Academic Award

    (Silver = 2 Points, Gold = 5 Points) _____(5)Total _____(25)

Lightning football 2009

  • Individual Football Performance:

    Varsity Quarters Played

    (1 play = 1 quarter played) in Regular Season _____(32)

    Varsity Quarters Played

    (1 play = 1 quarter played) in Playoffs _____(4+)Total ____(36+)

Lightning football 2009


  • *This new lettering policy for 2009-2010 football players begins March 16, 2009. Because of this, the Q2 academics, winter strength packet, winter strength testing, and winter sport participation will not be included this season.



Lightning football 2009

  • All lettering forms will be completed by the football player and submitted via the coaching staff to the Leadership Council. The Leadership Council will recommend all letter winners to the coaching staff.

  • The Eastview Football coaching staff by collective agreement may award any athlete a letter.

  • “Feed the Good Dog”

Potential issues

Potential Issues

  • Attitudes

    • The same thing goes on in every other high school and program in the state so what is the big deal?

    • I’ll sign it because the coaches or my parents want me to.

    • I’ll sign it and I’ll be good during the season but this spring break and summer I want to have some fun.

    • If I don’t sign it I’ll lose playing time.

Potential issues1

Potential Issues

  • What about players that don’t commit?

  • Misinformation

  • Finger Pointing

  • What about players that break the commitment

  • How do we hold each other accountable?

Potential issues2

Potential Issues

  • We are not medical doctors or psychologists

  • Issues can paralyze us into inaction

  • We all have a story or know someone who has been affected by chemical use

Contact information

Contact Information

  • Player Cell Phone Number and Provider

  • Player email address

  • Parent(s) Cell Phone Number and Provider

  • Parent(s) email address

What next

What Next?

  • Deadline for Commitment Forms is

    Friday, March 20, 2009

  • Incoming 9th Graders

    • No EVHS Teacher Signature

    • No Football Coach Signature

      • Ostergaard , Sexton, Slattery

        • – Falcon Ridge Middle School

      • Plucker – BlackHawk Middle School

      • Hemphill, Levang– Scott Highlands Middle School



  • Have a Conversation about the contract

  • Read the handout from former players and have a conversation

  • Eat a meal as a family during the week

  • Read Uncommon by Tony Dungy as a family and have some conversations about it

  • Know where your child is and who they’re with

  • Stay or get involved in positive behaviors

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