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The minnow and the octopus
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The minnow and the octopus. By Anju Zhang.

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The minnow and the octopus

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The minnow and the octopus

The minnow and the octopus

By AnjuZhang

The minnow and the octopus

One hot summer day, a minnow joined a couple of trout that were wanted for stealing algae. Together, they went to the beautiful underwater park. While they were looking at the flowers, the police octopus snuck up behind them. As soon as the trout saw the octopus, they fled, leaving the minnow to face the octopus all alone.

The minnow and the octopus

The minnow looked for the trout, but they had already dashed away. When the minnow realized what had happened , he tried to run away , but it was too late . The police octopus was too fast for him. Before the minnow knew it, the octopus was in front of him. The octopus arrested the minnow as fast as a cheetah. Then the minnow was sent to jail, where he was put in the Questioning room.

The minnow and the octopus

As the minnow stared around the bright green questioning room, the octopus berated the minnow.

“I am not a trout! I am a minnow!” The minnow protested.

“Even so, you were with the trout.” The octopus calmly said. “I will let you go, but remember this…”

The minnow and the octopus

A Man is known for the company he keeps.

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