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NHS Warwickshire. Your Health, Our Concern. Beginnings. Arrival of CPAS to Warwickshire in 2007as part of CfHNominated' Super User for Health Visiting IT lead and supportedBusiness processes created to fit current practicesMember of IT project teamNominated tester' of the systemDisappeared f

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NHS Warwickshire

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1. Maximising iPM (CPAS) from a clinical perspective Diane Aldersley CPAS User Group Chair Warwickshire Community Health 2nd December 2010

2. NHS Warwickshire Your Health, Our Concern Beginnings Arrival of CPAS to Warwickshire in 2007as part of CfH ‘Nominated’ Super User for Health Visiting IT lead and supported Business processes created to fit current practices Member of IT project team Nominated ‘tester’ of the system Disappeared for a year

3. Implementation of CPAS 2.5 days generic training Done in stages between August 2008 – February 2009 AHP’s / CYP&F / Adult services. CPAS user group created to support ‘go live’ I arrived back into Warwickshire in June 2009, and was quickly handed back the CPAS super user role for Health Visiting.

4. Setting up CPAS User Group November 2009 ‘nominated’ to be CPAS User Group Chair. There was a lot of negativity around CPAS We needed a CPAS user group that was proactive in improving the functionality, data quality and usefulness of the system. The group needed to comprise of clinicians, clinical leads, business management, IT CPAS back office, IT service desk , IT training, reporting and data quality.

5. How I saw the issues? Traditional culture where IT has never before been central to a clinician’s work Arrived as ‘something extra to do’ ‘Feeding the Beast’ Poor data quality Purpose seen purely as a commissioning tool Lack of ownership Business processes were based on what was being done at the time, and not what could be done. Lack of leadership

6. What are the benefits?

7. What do we do? Reject Embrace

8. Embrace Supported by the executive team

9. Moving forward

10. NHS Warwickshire Your Health, Our Concern

11. Standardisation of contacts Contacts are the currency of the whole system. Standardised inputting = consistent, understandable and comparable data coming out. Definitions need to meet the needs of clinicians and operational managers as well as commissioning.

12. Delivering Reports for the Day Job Need to be easily accessible, meaningful, shared with staff and displayed. Will make a difference Help all to know ‘how we are doing’ Can measure outcomes Evidence of demand and capacity

13. Example Reports

14. NHS Warwickshire Your Health, Our Concern

15. Example Reports

16. NHS Warwickshire Your Health, Our Concern

17. Where to go? Continued integration IT is for everyone Interlinking with acute PAS to improve the patient journey Sharing good practice regionally Influencing future developments

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