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1. EXPORT INSPECTION AGENCY - DELHI Residue Monitoring System Issuance of Health Certificate GAP including ethical practices in export MAMTA RANI ASSISTANT DIRECTOR 06 September 2011 8/6/2012 1

2. EXPORT INSPECTION AGENCY - DELHI About Us Export (QC&I) Act, 1963 ? The Act governing quality of exports EIC set up to advise Govt. on measures for sound development of exports through QC & I to include notification of standards & certification systems Powers of Central Government under the Act Notify commodities for compulsory PSI Specify standards for export and type of QC & I Establish or recognize Agencies for QC & I Nearly 1000 commodities were notified. 8/6/2012 2

3. EXPORT INSPECTION AGENCY - DELHI EIC (CA)-STRUCTURE Apex Body ? Council, Chairman, 18 members, Member Secretary- Director, EIC Specialist Committees EIC ? The Central Competent Authority CEO Director, office at Delhi Regional Competent Authorities? 5 EIAs at Mumbai, Kochi, Kolkata, Delhi and Chennai, under administrative & technical control of EIC 28 Sub-offices & labs 8/6/2012 3

4. EXPORT INSPECTION AGENCY - DELHI SYSTEMS OF EXPORT INSPECTION & CERTIFICATION Consignment wise inspection In-Process Quality Control Self-Certification Approval and monitoring of processing and manufacturing units based on food safety management systems such as GMP/ GHP / HACCP. 8/6/2012 4

5. EXPORT INSPECTION AGENCY - DELHI EIC-ROLE IN WTO REGIME Regulatory role to address health & safety concerns of importing countries compulsory certification for Marine products, Egg products, Milk products, Honey products, Poultry Meat products etc. Voluntary export certification ? Tea, F&V, Spices, Basmati Rice Equivalence Agreements/MOUs with trading partners for recognition of EIC?s certification Certificate of Health (Food items), Authenticity (Basmati Rice-EC) Laboratory Testing Support for Export Inspection & Certification Commercial testing (facilities extended to industry) Import testing of food items-EIA Labs identified by MoH&FW 8/6/2012 5

6. EXPORT INSPECTION AGENCY - DELHI EIC - ROLE IN WTO REGIME CONTD?. Training and technical assistance to industry to upgrade to International standards Represent India?s interests in International standards bodies/ WTO - views based on practical experience Continuous dialogue with importing countries for problem solving on non-tariff related issues Problem oriented research ? studies on issues related to quality of Indian exports Maintain information database on regulatory requirements of trading partners Issue of Certificates of Origin under various preferential tariff schemes for duty concessions for exporters by foreign customs 8/6/2012 6

7. EXPORT INSPECTION AGENCY - DELHI INTERNATIONAL RECOGNITIONS EC - CA for marine products and issuance of authenticity certificate for basmati rice; egg products, dialogue on for dairy products, poultry meat & honey Italy- MOU for marine products. USA (USFDA) - recognized for Black Pepper; initiated dialogue for others. Australia (AQIS) - recognized for marine products ?seeking for dairy products, spices etc. Sri Lanka (SLSI) - recognized for 85 products regulated by Sri Lanka (food, cement, engineering items, electrical appliances, milk products etc. Singapore ? The MRA?s covers Food & Agriculture. Korea- Recognized for certifying food products Japan- Recognized for certifying F& FP, Poultry products Russia ? Recognized for Marine Products Others - Other EU countries, Canada, Argentina etc- under negotiation 8/6/2012 7

8. EXPORT INSPECTION AGENCY - DELHI Our website (www.eicindia.org) 8/6/2012 8


10. EXPORT INSPECTION AGENCY - DELHI Residue Monitoring System Residues Substances having pharmacological action (both prohibited and permitted substances) (SUBSTANCES HAVING ANABOLIC EFFECT AND UNAUTHORISED SUBSTANCES, VETERINARY DRUGS (1) AND CONTAMINANTS) Metabolites of substances Substances transmitted to animal products (Heavy metals, pesticides, toxins, PCBs, dioxins, etc.) Substances formed by biological action (bacterial toxins, aflatoxins, etc.) 8/6/2012 10

11. EXPORT INSPECTION AGENCY - DELHI Residue Monitoring System Preventing prohibited substances getting into the food chain, which are harmful or likely to be harmful to human health. Monitoring of substances which are harmful or likely to be harmful to human health to ensure that the level is within the prescribed limit (based on scientifically established risk analysis) in the particular food. 8/6/2012 11

12. Basis of Residue Monitoring GoI Notifications on products of animal origin: EXPORT INSPECTION AGENCY - DELHI

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