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“Let’s” Commands. Esp. 2 Cap. 11-1. “Let’s Commands. Por ejemplo..... Let’s talk! ¡Hablemos! Let’s write! ¡Escribamos! Let’s study! ¡Estudiemos! Let’s go! ¡Vayamos! Let’s not talk! ¡No hablemos! Let’s not write! ¡No escribamos! Let’s not study! ¡No estudiemos!

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“Let’s” Commands

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Let s commands l.jpg

“Let’s” Commands

Esp. 2 Cap. 11-1

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“Let’s Commands

Por ejemplo.....

Let’s talk!¡Hablemos!

Let’s write!¡Escribamos!

Let’s study!¡Estudiemos!

Let’s go!¡Vayamos!

Let’s not talk!¡No hablemos!

Let’s not write!¡No escribamos!

Let’s not study!¡No estudiemos!

Let’s not go!¡No vayamos!

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“Let’s” Commands

1. Uses the box 4 form of the verb in the present subjunctive tense.

2. Watch out for irregulars (dishes)

Note: Watch out for orthographic

spelling changes.

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Conjugating in the present subjunctive

1. Find the stem by taking the box 1 form in the present indicative tense and dropping the - o

hablo habl tengoteng


2. Then add the opposite endings:



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Por ejemplo....






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Stem Changes....

If the stem from the pres. ind. tense reflects a stem change, the stem change will NOT occur in the nosotros form, except with IR verbs and then only a one letter stem change.

ie...dormir duerma durmamos

jugar juegue juguemos

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Affirmative reflexive nosotros commands drop the “s” off the end of the command form before adding the “nos” reflexive pronoun.

ie...dormirse durmamonos

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Los mandatos de Nosotros.

Let’s not talk!

¡No hablemos!

Let’s write it!


Let’s study!


Let’s do it!


Let’s not leave!

¡No salgamos!

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Los mandatos de Ud. and Uds.


Let’s study!Let’s write it!

Let’s make it!Let’s not talk!

Let’s not eat it!Let’s clean it!

Let’s watch them!Let’s sit down!


¡Hagámoslo!¡No hablemos!

¡No lo comamos!¡Limpiémoslo!


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