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Probation board for northern ireland and northern ireland prison service
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Probation Board for Northern Ireland and Northern Ireland Prison Service. Resettlement and Offender Management ExOcop Workshop Athens Thursday 16 th September 2010. Who we are. Noel O’Donnell – Probation Manager HMP Magilligan

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Probation Board for Northern Ireland and Northern Ireland Prison Service

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Probation board for northern ireland and northern ireland prison service

Probation Board for Northern Ireland and Northern Ireland Prison Service

Resettlement and Offender Management

ExOcop Workshop


Thursday 16th September 2010

Who we are

Who we are

  • Noel O’Donnell – Probation Manager HMP Magilligan

  • Jane Lappin – Probation Manager – Life Sentence Prisoners and Life Licencees

  • Paul Bullick – Resettlement Manager – NIPS

  • Willie Gribben – Resettlement Coordinator - NIPS

Resettlement strategy

Resettlement Strategy

  • Launched 2004, Revised in 2010

  • Resettlement teams established

  • Focused on Sentence Planning including Education, Offending Behaviour Programmes, Vocational Training & Addiction Services

Resettlement pathways


  • 9 Pathways

  • Addressing the original Pathway to Crime

  • Multi Agency Management (NIPS, PBNI, External and Voluntary Agencies, Healthcare etc..)

  • Partnership Working to achieve Targets and Reduce Re-offending

  • Holistic approach to Offender Management and Resettlement

The 9 pathways


  • 1. Accommodation

  • 2. Education Training and Employment

  • 3. Health – Mental and Physical

  • 4. Drugs and Alcohol

  • 5. Finance Benefits and Debt

  • 6. Children and Families

  • 7. Attitudes Thinking and Behaviours

  • 8. Supporting prisoners who have been abused, raped or who have experienced domestic violence

  • 9. Supporting offenders who have been involved in prostitution

Key principles

Key Principles

  • Dedicated teams integrated to manage all Prison


  • Effective Risk Assessment, Risk Management, Sentence Planning and ongoing monitoring of risk reduction along with licensing and release plans.

  • An offender management system operating in parallel to other core Prison functions such as security and discipline, medical and residential.

  • An offender management system which treats and manages both the custody and community supervision as one sentence.

Key features

Key Features

  • Partnership working between Probation and Prisons with statutory duty to share information.

  • Case Managers (Probation Officer) and Sentence Manager (Prison Officer) working closely together.

  • Strengthen and enhancing Public Protection through use of new sentences and technologies to manage offenders and reduce re-offending.

  • One sentence plan from sentence being made to sentence completion.

Custodial phase practise issues

Custodial PhasePractise Issues

Case Manager working in conjunction with Sentence Manager with regard to –

Sentence Planning:

  • Identifying areas of risk

  • Agreement of Sentence Plan to address offending behaviour and associated factors

  • Interventions and Programme Delivery

  • Plan reviewed regularly

  • Parole Dossier prepared for Parole Commissioner

Practice issues

Practice Issues

Offending Behaviour Programme

  • Motivational Enhancement Group

  • Enhanced Thinking Skills

  • Sex Offender Treatment Programme

  • Anger Management

  • Substance Addictions

  • Art Therapy

  • Parenting

    Relevant programmes can be continued on release into the


    Inter Agency Assessments continue through to the Community for Violent/Sex Offenders contributing to Local Area Public Protection Panel Decisions (LAPPP)

Practise issues

Practise Issues

Physical Co-Location

(Probation and Prison Staff working from same offices)

Cultural Co-Location

(Different working background/environment of Prison and Probation Staff)

Training and Skills

(Joint training/transfer of skills)

Information Sharing

(Staff confidence in each other and relevant agency)

Practice issues1

Practice Issues

Pre-Release Stage

  • Semi open-style units

  • Home Leave/Town Visits

  • Pre-release Programme

  • Housing Advice

  • Goals Programme

  • NIACRO Job Tack

  • Jobs Fair (Meeting with employers)

Practice issues2

Practice Issues

Release Planning & Licence

  • Custodial History

  • Public Protection Panel

  • Set Licence Conditions

  • Tripartite meeting with Community Probation Officer

  • Risks to be supervised in community

  • Can be recalled

Practise issues1

Practise Issues

  • Challenges of the Criminal Justice Order Sentences. Offender Management model on through and aftercare system

Life sentenced prisoners

Life Sentenced Prisoners

  • 2006 PBNI created management post to oversee life sentence work in prisons and community

  • Increasing numbers sentenced

  • Growing Licence population

  • NIPS and PBNI jointly manage sentence plans and Pre Release testing

  • PBNI responsible for supervison when released on Licence

  • Focus on Risk Assessment, Risk Reduction,Risk Management, Resettlement Needs

Life licence supervison

Life Licence Supervison

  • PBNI Operational Standards

  • Relationship building and motivational work

  • Monitoring and Surveillence

  • High levels of contact, staff intensive

  • Robust management oversight and reviews

  • PBNI Psychology reviews and treatment

  • PBNI Victims unit and restorative practices

  • Statutory, Voluntary , Community resources support workplans and resettlement

Resources supporting success

Resources supporting success

  • Accomodation -NIPs rent scheme,Housing rights support,hostels, Public housing liaison officers

  • Family – Niacro family Links , Barnardos , Social services

  • Benefits – Niacro welfare Advise Officers, PBNI Befriending fund

  • Employment- Jobtrack, supported training schemes ,voluntary placements,

  • Education / training- Niacro funding mainstream courses ,Niacro training courses , Princes Trust,

  • Addictions – CATS, Nicas, Dunlewey, AA, Testing

  • Constructive Activity- Befriending / Mentoring , PBNI Art therapy,Arts projects , Spiritual outlets ,



Reversing the damage

Balancing Victim and offender need

Educating the public

Involving communities

Thank you

Thank you

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