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Cynthia voigt



Biographical information

  • CynthiaVoigt was born on February25, 1942 in Boston Massachusetts and is currently alive. Her mother and father’s names are Elise Keeney and Fredrick C, Iriving. Her ex-husband’s name is Walter Voigt, they had 2 children: Jessica and Peter. They had lived in Annapolis, Maryland, New Mexico, and she currently lives in Deer Isle, Maine. Some of the awards she received were the Newberry Medal (1983), The Edgar(1984), A Newberry Honor Book(1984), and The Judy Lopez Medal(1987).

List of books

  • BOOK 1- Izzy,Willy-Nilly

  • BOOK 2- Young Fredle

  • BOOK 3- It’s Not Easy Being Bad

  • BOOK 4- Building Blocks

  • BOOK 5-The Calendar Papers

  • BOOK 6- Dicey’s Song

  • BOOK 7- Homecoming

  • BOOK 8- The Runner

  • BOOK 9-A Solitary Blue

  • BOOK 10- Tell Me if the Lovers are Losers

  • BOOK 11- Jakaroo: A Novel of the Kingdom

  • BOOK 12- David and Jonathan

  • BOOK 13- Come a Stranger

  • BOOK 14- On the Fortune’s Wheel

  • BOOK 15- 17 Against The Dealer

  • BOOK 16- Yardsticks

  • BOOK 17- Orfe

  • BOOK 18- Elske

  • BOOK 19- The Wings of a Falcon

  • BOOK 20- Glass Mountain

Izzy willy nilly
Izzy, Willy-Nilly”

  • The genre of this book is realistic fiction. The setting was in the past; at a party, school, the hospital, and Izzy’s house. The characters were: mom, dad, Francie, Lisa, Suzy, Lauren, Jack, Joel, Rosamunde, and Marco. Plot: Izzy goes on a date with a senior, Marco. The date is at a party and while there Marco gets drunk. When driving home, Marco crashes into a tree. Izzy later wakes up in the hospital being told her left leg is broken and her right leg needs amputated. Izzy spends about a month in a half in the hospital doing physical therapy and talking the a psychiatrist. When her friends Lauren, Suzy, and Lisa come to visit her they act strange and the friends grow apart. But Rosamunde Webber becomes her new best friend and they spend a lot of time together. Rosamunde helps Izzy not feel so self conscious and get back to school and start to feel better about herself. Critique: I didn’t really enjoy this book because I felt that it got into too much detail and it was kind of a sad book. It was too dramatic.

It s not easy being bad
“It’s Not Easy Being Bad”

The book ‘It’s Not Easy Being Bad’ is a genre of Realistic Fiction. The author of this book is Cynthia Voigt. There are only few main characters such as Mikey and Margalo. The setting of this book is a Middle School. Margalo and Mikey wish to be popular but then have the reputation of being “bad girls” when they fight back when the “populars”(a.k.a. Frankie) pick on them. Right after they have this reputation of being “bad”, they have a contest to see who’s most popular by having parties and etc. At the end of my book, Margalo and Mikey find that there was no point of fighting back, having contests to see who’s popular and who’s not and all they needed was each other to get through Middle School.

My critique was that I did not really enjoy this book, it did not hold my attention.

Compare and contrast
Compare and Contrast

Same: “It’s Not Easy Being Bad” and “Izzy, Willy-Nilly

Both are based on the author’s life in some way.

Both main characters Mikey and Margalo and Izzy gave their best friends in the end.

Both main characters learned a lesson.

Different: Different life story problems: Izzy got in a car crash and had to get her leg amputated. Mikey and Margalo fought about popularity.

Different setting: The setting in “Izzy, Willy-Nilly” was very different from “It’s Not Being Bad” because INEBB had the setting of a middle school & “Izzy, Willy-Nilly” had the setting of a house, a party, a hospital, and school.

Different periods of time: “Izzy, Willy-Nilly’s” time setting was the 1990’s comparedto “INEBB” in the 1970’s.

Class quiz
Class Quiz

  • “Izzy, Willy-Nilly”

  • Question 1:

  • Who lost her leg?



Question 2

Who crashed the car while on a date with Izzy?



Question 3

Who became Izzy’s new best friend?



“It’s Not Easy Being Bad”

Question 1

Who teased Mikey and Margalo?



Question 2

What made Margalo and Mikey take a break from each other?


A fight. (Of who’s most popular.)

Question 3

What brought Mikey and Margalo closer at the end?


Realizing they don’t need to be popular.