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Issues facing the colonies of bna
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Issues Facing the Colonies of BNA. United they Stand Divided they …. Uniting the Colonies?. Economic Transportation Defence Political. Transportation. Canals, Lakes, Rivers, and Railways were used to transport goods to major ports. then they could be shipped to Britain or USA

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Issues Facing the Colonies of BNA

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Issues facing the colonies of bna

Issues Facing the Colonies of BNA

United they Stand Divided they …

Uniting the colonies

Uniting the Colonies?

  • Economic

  • Transportation

  • Defence

  • Political



  • Canals, Lakes, Rivers, and Railways were used to transport goods to major ports.

    • then they could be shipped to Britain or USA

  • Large gaps existed in railway system which prevented Intercolonial trade.

  • Grand Trunk Railway

    • If railways were extended from NS to Toronto then fish could get to markets

Issues facing the colonies of bna

Manufactured goods to Nova Scotia

Passenger traffic would improve as well.

Large sums of $$ needed.



  • Banks in England would only lend money if colonies were united

  • They feel this is the safest way to get repayment on loans.

Defence issues

Defence Issues

  • BNA had defended itself in 1812 war against USA

  • However by the 1850s Britain began to pull its troops out of the colonies

    • $$$$$$$$$

    • They were also at war with Russia in the Crimean.

  • Too many colonies to have a coherent defence strategy

    • SINGLE COUNTRY = better defence

Thin red line

Thin Red Line

The fenians

The Fenians

  • Fenians were an Irish organization that used arms to try and gain independence from Britain

  • During Great Migration 2 million Irish came to North America.

  • Organized in Northern United States and supported by some USA politicians

  • Some small raids but overall, not real threat (Pigeon Hill) Assassination of Darcy McGee

Us civil war 1861 1865

US Civil War (1861-1865)

  • North (Union) V. South (Confederates)

  • 1861- British Warship stopped by Union warship and two confederates found on board.

  • Confederacy officials used Montreal, Toronto as bases to organize plots against the Union.

  • Clear by 1864 Union armies were going to win.

Civil war con t

Civil War Con’t

  • Would the US want to settle score with BNA?

  • What to do with a standing army of 65 000 men (battled hardened)

  • Manifest Destiny: The Belief that the USA had a DUTY to take over the land of North America

    • This includes Mexico as well

Political issues affecting the canadas

Political Issues Affecting the Canadas

  • When the Canadas had been untied they were each given the same number of seats.

    Equal Representation

Political issues

Political Issues

  • Representation by Population

Three important politicians

Three Important Politicians

  • George Brown (Canada West)

  • J. A. Macdonald (Canada West)

  • George-Etienne Cartier (Canada East)

George brown

George Brown

  • Leading supporter of REP by Pop

  • Owned the Globe, a leading Toronto Newspaper

  • Entered Politics in 1851

  • Great Speaker

George etienne cartier

George – Etienne Cartier

  • Lawyer from Montreal who entered politics in 1848

  • Opposed REP By POP

  • Did not get along with George Brown

  • Basic argument was that French peoples were already a Minority.

  • Feared English society would pass laws harmful to French Society

John a macdonald

John A. MacDonald

  • Lawyer from Kingston

    • Had reputation for fairness and political Skill

    • Entered politics 1844.

  • Realized that Cartier wanted protection for French Canadians rights, language, customs.

  • Therefore, he saw that both Brown and Cartier could get what they wanted.

The debate today

The Debate today?

  • What is Proportional Representation? P47

Who was left out

Who was left out

  • Women

    • Although some of their ideas might have been brought up through their husbands

  • First Nations

    • Not British subjects

    • No ownership of land

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