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Windows????????. 12?06? Windows???????????12?14? Volume Shadow Copy????????12?23? Windows?????NTFS12?27? ??????????????1?12? VSS?Exchange?????1?16? Windows Virtual Disk Service. http://www.microsoft.com/china/technet/webcasts/default.mspx . Agenda. Exchange???????? ????????????????VSS?Exchange 2003What can VSS backup and restore?VSS components

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1. VSS?Exchange?????

2. Windows???????? 12?06? Windows??????????? 12?14? Volume Shadow Copy???????? 12?23? Windows?????NTFS 12?27? ?????????????? 1?12? VSS?Exchange????? 1?16? Windows Virtual Disk Service

3. Agenda Exchange???????? ?????????? ?????? VSS?Exchange 2003 What can VSS backup and restore? VSS components – how do they work? VSS events Caveats and considerations

4. Exchange???????? ?????????? ?????????? ???????????? ???????????????? ?? Exchange Server??????---??? http://www.yuyong.net/download/ese1.doc

5. E2K????

6. ???????

7. E2K????

8. ?????????? ????????I/O?????? ????????

9. What is a shadow copy? Known in the industry as “snapshots” Infrastructure for creating a point-in-time copy of a single volume or multiple volumes Appears static, even though the original data is changing

10. Snapshot type clone Make a complete copy of entire volume up front: Clone the volume. Break off the clone. Pro Very fast after split Best practice – clone has better disaster protection than copy on write Cons Requires n+1 clones to support n hot snaps Takes time to synchronize clone

11. Snapshot type copy-on-write

12. Hardware snapshot overview

13. Hardware snapclone overview

14. Hardware snapclone details Upon normalization, have an exact point in time clone/plex EMC BCV is different because it uses real-time normalization and supports block journaling Can be presented to host As a separate or replacement LUN With no reliance on source

15. Shadow copies transport Scenarios? Easily transport data across SAN Create and export shadow copy of database Import data on second server for data mining, backup, testing, and similar tasks Offload backups to another server Copy production database for testing Copy of data for quick restore

16. Shadow copies transport

18. VSS and Exchange 2003 VSS backup and restore Two restore types: Point in time restore (Recovery is to time of backup) Roll forward recovery (Recovery is to time of failure) VSS can restore to: Same location Alternate forest and server

19. What can VSS back up and restore? Backup choices Minimum selection is the storage group (SG) (to truncate log files) Can snap multiple storage groups at the same time (best practice will be to snap individual SG) Restore choices Entire storage group Single database Multiple databases from a single SG

20. VSS components Windows Server™ 2003 (VSS service and framework) Requestor Third-party backup applications NTBackup does not use VSS to back up Exchange Writer Application-specific logic for participating in snapshot process, and restore/recovery Provider Third-party hardware control software Windows® includes a software provider

21. Snapshot services

22. Windows Server 2003 storage stack

24. VSS Partial list of requesters and providers Check with each vendor for support status for Exchange Server 2003 and product features For a complete list of partners visit the following Microsoft Web site: http://www.microsoft.com/exchange/partners/default.asp

25. VSS requestors

26. VSS writers

27. VSS providers

28. Bringing VSS into the environment ExWriter.dll Installed with Exchange 2003 Exwriter and file system allows for a completely safe snap During an extended snap: Clients may hour-glass during submits Outlook 2003 in cached mode experiences zero production impact

29. What happens during backup? PrepareForBackup Storage Group Administration functions are prohibited PrepareForSnapshot Volume dependencies are checked Freeze Flush current log file generation to disk Suspend writes to log files and .edb file Streaming (.stm) file will not be allowed to grow Read-only acces still allowed Thaw New log file generation is created Jet calls allow writes to log files and .edb file The .stm file allowed to grow OnBackupComplete Requestor validates Shadow Copy image consistency with ESEUTIL Log files are truncated Storage Group Administration functions resume

30. What happens during restore? Admin takes affected storage groups offline (Vendors may with CDOEXM) Data restored to production location Either through storage device volume surfacing or streaming of content back into place Storage Group: writer leaves checkpoint file from backup Database: writer deletes current production checkpoint file Starting Storage Group invokes hard recovery (Exchange views as typical power failure recovery)

31. Details from ExWriter Turn up Diagnostics Logging

32. Inspecting the backup metadata

33. VSS backup Finer points RTM Exchange 2003 supports full backups and copy backups Log buffers flushed; new E00.log file created, but checkpoint not advanced All databases must be mounted to purge logs Requestor needs to spawn ESEUTIL /K on snapped database for integrity check VSS sets snapped LUN to read-only and can only be made read/write by using calls to VDS

34. VSS restore Finer points VSS backup requires VSS restore ExWriter sanity checks Whether databases are dismounted Circular logging state Dismount all databases in SG to restore entire SG or single MDB Requestor must contain BreakSnapshot API and VDS functionality to perform a LUN replace with a VSS restore

35. VSS Things to consider Snapshot is not a complete backup replacement but an alternative to streaming Makes sure requester does page check summing to identify corruption Not all snapshot solutions are equal Pure copy-on-write solutions assume streaming to tape or disk immediately Should still archive snaps

36. VSS Caveats ExWriter unaware if multiple SGs on same LUN Mandatory verification of snapshot consistency Must restore to same logical drive letters No native support for VSS restores to RSG (third parties are working on this) Cannot mix Shadow copy and legacy streaming backups Cannot start another snapshot until BackupComplete is called

37. Additional resources 822896, Exchange Server 2003 Data Back Up and Volume Shadow Copy Services http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?kbid=822896 (Hotfix) 833167, A Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) update package is available for Windows Server 2003 http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?kbid=833167 825088, How To: Use the Eseutil Utility to Detect File Header Damage in Exchange 2003 http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?kbid=825088 833805, TechNet Support WebCast: Emerging enterprise storage technologies in http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?kbid=833805 303949, How to restore an information store database in a clustered Exchange http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?kbid=303949

38. Additional resources (2) “Using Exchange Server 2003 Recovery Storage Groups” white paper: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyId= DF144AF6-BEE5-4B35-866A-557E25FE2BA1 For a complete list of partners, visit http://www.microsoft.com/exchange/partners/default.asp Microsoft storage Web site http://www.microsoft.com/windowsserversystem/storage /default.mspx Volume shadow copy overview: http://www.microsoft.com/resources/documentation/WindowsServ/2003 /datacenter/proddocs/en-us/Default.asp?url=/resources/documentation /WindowsServ/2003/datacenter/proddocs/en-us /ntbackup_backup_snapshot.asp (Note that the URLs should be entered as one line; they are wrapped here for readability.)

39. TechNet???? ??????,???????? ??IT ??????,TechNet ????????,???????????,???????????????

40. ?????????? TechNet? ??TechNet????? www.microsoft.com/China/technet ??TechNet?? www.microsoft.com/china/technet/abouttn/subscriptions/flash.mspx ????????? http://www.microsoft.com/china/community/ ?? TechNet??? www.microsoft.com/china/technet ??????TechNet????????? www.microsoft.com/china/technet

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