Homerun Leadership Assignments

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Homerun Leadership Assignments

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1. Homerun Leadership Assignments Bill Battaglia Bidwell Jr. High School Chico, California 530.891.3080 x408

2. About My Class Course Title-Student Leadership Year long course 7/8th graders Elected officers and student who apply to get into the course.

3. Curriculum vs. Activities #1 Question asked “How do you find time for curriculum?” #1 Answer I give: “I make time!” Are we developing leaders or event planners? Good curriculum legitimizes our program. We owe it to our students to develop their leadership skills!

4. Personal Time Capsule Goes beyond your average collage Incorporates writing Gets students to really think about what they are going through Gives teacher an excellent window into the lives of our students

5. Personal Time Capsule Introduction What is life like for a typical middle schooler? Fashion What clothes, brands, styles to boys and girls where these days? In the News What current events are taking place in the world? Music What do you like to listen to? What do most students like to listen to? Food What foods do typical middle schoolers like to eat? Include a recipe of your favorite food. Sports and Activities What activities do students like to participate in? How do you occupy your time? Letter from Parent An opportunity for parents to brag about their student. Pictures, Pictures, Pictures Each page MUST include pictures!

6. Soundtrack of My Life Incorporates Writing Helps students with self-expression Helps them become aware of events that shaped their lives and who they are.

7. Soundtrack of My Life Students imagine their life made into a movie Choose songs that represent periods in their life. Explain the reasons for their choices. Create a cover for their CD How might these events have shaped their beliefs and values?

8. Leadership Children’s Book Incorporates writing and creativity. Students are able to express leadership qualities. Final product after reading MANY children’s books Top books are then read at a nearby kindergarten.

9. End of Semester Dance Assignment

10. End of Semester Dance Assignment Students plan a “make-believe” dance from start to finish. Must include poster samples, dance tix samples, planning forms, purchase orders, thank you notes, etc. Graded as first semester final. Checks their competence in project planning and important forms.

11. Movie Monday Each Monday 2 students present a scene from a movie that shows a leadership message and submits a 1 page write up. Scene MUST be appropriate for school. Incorporates writing and public speaking.

12. Films with a Leadership Message Goal! A Dream Begins Miracle Match Miracle! Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe October Sky Blue Crush The Mighty Ducks Napoleon Dynamite The Karate Kid Facing the Giants (Religious) Rudy Remember the Titans Star Wars Ben-Hur The Right Stuff Friday Night Lights Akeela and the Bee Eight Below Little Miss Sunshine Coach Carter Hoosiers Various TV Shows (Gilmore Girls, 7th Heaven, Lost, Survivor, etc.)

13. Leadership Scrapbook All Year Assignment Portfolio of what was learned all year Students express what they learned in words and pictures. Can be shaped to fit any class or grade level. Can be altered for students who take class more than once. Includes: Spirit Days Invisible Kids Resume Personal Poem Personal Reflections Quotes Goals for the Future Favorite Memories Letter from Parent

14. Leadership Scrapbook

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