the paiute tribe
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The Paiute tribe

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The Paiute tribe - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Paiute tribe. By: Brenna Mclendon. Paiute. Paiute. Paiute. Diet. The Paiute tribe men hunt for deer , rabbits and other animals , while the tribe women collected berries , seeds, nuts, and roots. They also ate fish. . Ceremonies / Rituals .

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the paiute tribe

The Paiute tribe

By: Brenna Mclendon




  • The Paiute tribe men hunt for deer , rabbits and other animals , while the tribe women collected berries , seeds, nuts, and roots. They also ate fish.
ceremonies rituals
Ceremonies / Rituals
  • One ritual was for woman who were expecting their first child.
  • They also had traditional dance which was called the Ghost Dance.
  • The housing for the Paiutes was usually a small hut made out of willow poles and covered with bushes and reeds.
  • They also use to live in houses called a wickiup before they lived in their huts.
  • They also built their houses near streams of rivers so the Paiute tribe members could gather water.
daily life roles
Daily Life Roles
  • The Paiute tribe would often move to gather and hunt for food. The tribe also prayed to influence and to show respect to the nature spirits .
  • Inference – They were good farmers.
  • Facts – They knew at least 96 plants.
  • The Paiute tribe held meetings with males and older women of the group. The leader of each group was called a niave. He gave advice and led by examples and carried out decisions made by the group.
  • The Paiute first meet the Europeans 1776.
  • The Europeans also stole food and crops for themselves.
  • The Europeans also gave the Paiute diseases.
folk tales
Folk Tales
  • The folk tale I read was how a man had many children but when he was traveling back to his tribe he put them in a basket.
  • Half way there he decided to check on this children in the basket.
  • When he opened the lid the children ran away but two.
  • Those two were the Paiute and Shoshone.
  • Through the tribes life\'s they fought a lot.
inference about my story
Inference about my story
  • I think that my story is about how even thought you are different we are all the same. We are human beings.
w ebsites
  • That was my presentation on the Paiute Indians