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2010-2011 Superintendent’s Budget - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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2010-2011 Superintendent’s Budget. Presentation for Providence School Board April 12, 2010. Key Information. Facility Changes Addition of a 7 th Grade at Nathan Bishop Middle School Additional 130 freshman entering PCTA Beginning of a new plumbing curriculum at PCTA

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Presentation Transcript
2010 2011 superintendent s budget

2010-2011 Superintendent’s Budget

Presentation for Providence School Board

April 12, 2010

Key information
Key Information

Facility Changes

  • Addition of a 7th Grade at Nathan Bishop Middle School

  • Additional 130 freshman entering PCTA

  • Beginning of a new plumbing curriculum at PCTA

  • The closure of Perry Middle School and Feinstein High School are not assumed in this budget

Budget drivers
Budget Drivers

  • Student Achievement

    • Class size, curriculum development, professional development, classroom materials, extracurricular activities, smaller learning communities, common planning time, standards, and assessments

  • Available Funding from State and City

  • Changes to School Enrollment

  • Labor Contract Obligations

    • Salaries, Benefits, Class Size

  • Employee Retirement Contributions

    • State

    • Local

  • Contract Obligations

    • Transportation

    • Custodial and maintenance

    • Outside tuitions

Budget unknowns
Budget Unknowns

  • Final State Aid Allocation to the District

  • Final City Appropriation to the District

  • Approval of a State-wide Funding Formula

  • Final Federal Entitlements

Budget assumptions
Budget Assumptions

  • State Aid will be level funded at the original amount for FY2010

    • Governor’s FY2011 Proposed Budget calls for a $7.1 million reduction in Aid to Education for Providence

  • The City appropriation to schools will remain at the FY2010 amount

    • City funded 38.41% of FY2010 budget. Level funding of the FY2011 proposed budget is 36.6%

  • Federal Entitlements will be level funded

  • The approval of State-wide Funding Formula was not assumed

Fy2011 budget overview
FY2011 Budget Overview

  • The Superintendent’s 2010-11 proposed budget is $329,436,497

  • The FY2011 Budget is $15,890,845 or 5.07% higher than FY2010

  • 93.5% ($14,863,973) of the expenditure increase is due to salary and benefits

  • Budget increases are driven by:

    • Labor agreements

    • Vendor agreements

    • State regulations and laws

    • Enrollment

Fy2011 budget overview1
FY2011 Budget Overview

  • Proposed FY2011 budget includes a $16.8 million budget gap

  • Level funding of City and State aid assumed

  • No across-the-board salary increases scheduled for FY2011

  • Negotiated wage freeze for Local 1033 employees

Funding formula
Funding Formula

  • Three Key Funding Components

    • Core Instructional Amount - $8,295 per student

    • Student Success Factor – 40% of Core Instructional Amount $3,318 (available for students who receive free or reduced lunch)

    • State Share Ratio – Equalized Weighted Assessed Valuation (EWAV) is the calculation used to determine the funding that a city or town receives

  • How the Plan endorsed by RIDE might impact Providence

    • Projected total increase in base funding over four years = $28,667,235

    • An additional $5,548,728 in state aid in FY2011

    • Additional funding possible for Career & Tech programs and Extraordinary costs for students with disabilities would result in an additional $2.5 million

  • Unknown issues concerning the funding formula

    • What is the base amount of funding available – FY2010 Original State Aid or FY2011 Proposed Aid?

    • Will the Maintenance of Effort Law for the City be changed?

Continued efforts to reduce expenditures
Continued Efforts to Reduce Expenditures

  • Re-negotiate transportation contract extension

  • Utility savings through arrangement with National Grid and City

  • Reduction in warehouse rental costs

  • Refinancing of current debt issue with Johnson Controls

  • Continued review of every line item in budget based upon more information received from FY2010 experience

Actions to fill gap
Actions to Fill Gap

  • If state and local aid is not provided in an amount to fill the $16.8 million budget gap, some of the following actions will be necessary:

    • Layoffs

    • Salary reductions

    • Furlough days

    • Co-share increases

    • Transportation changes

    • Deferral of vital capital purchases

    • Suspension of state mandates

    • Suspension of all programs and extra-curricular activities outside the BEP

  • The local budget is approximately 79% salary and benefits. It would be unrealistic to expect that a $16.8 million budget gap can be addressed without reductions in this area.

  • Total salary expenditures in FY2011 is $175 million

Budget schedule anticipated
Budget Schedule (Anticipated)

  • April Budget workshops

  • April 26 Budget submitted to Mayor

  • May 1 Budget submitted to Council

  • June Council budget hearings

  • June-July Final state aid determined

  • July Council adopts city budget

  • July-August School board approval

  • July-August Council approves ordinances