whatever happened to creativity
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Whatever Happened to Creativity?

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Whatever Happened to Creativity? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Whatever Happened to Creativity?. Presented by: Brian Jeffrey * National Board Certified Teacher Los Osos High School * Rancho Cucamonga, CA. Learn to think … and teach. Time to Take a Quiz.

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whatever happened to creativity

Whatever Happened to Creativity?

Presented by: Brian Jeffrey * National Board Certified Teacher Los Osos High School * Rancho Cucamonga, CA

time to take a quiz

Learn to think … and teach

Time to Take a Quiz
  • Directions: What is the object you see on the yellow post-it before you? You have ten seconds to write your answer. Go!

Correct answer . . .

Every answer is correct.


“Yes, I know it’s supposed to be an adverb, blame Apple.

let s play some games
Let’s Play Some Games
  • In My World

Going to the Moon

Black Magic

Get students thinking critically!



Whatever Happened to Creativity?

In small groups, briefly interpret and discuss the following painting. Be sure to give reasons for the thought process that lead you to your interpretation

  • How do you think the way you do?
Now get into a different small group with entirely new members. Then, determine which of the following four items does not belong.

In your group, discuss your answer. You must have 100% agreement on your answer. Each person must then write down the agreed upon answer. Next, be ready to read it to the class by explaining the thought process and debate that brought your group to its answer.



Higher Order Thinking Skills

Bloom’s Taxonomy

Lower Order Thinking Skills


How do they evaluate it?

Sample Assignments

  • Recipes and baking
  • Interpretive Dance
  • YouTube Videos
  • Original Songs
  • Sculpture
  • Artwork
  • Original Stories
  • Podcasts
  • T-Shirts
  • Photography
  • Architectural Models
  • Clothing
  • Poetry
  • Comedy Routines
  • Speeches
  • Computer Animation
  • MySpace or Facebook
  • Cell Phone Video

They use a rubric based on Bloom’s Taxonomy…

…and apply it to a formative assessment scale.


Blue Dot Bloom’s Taxonomy Rubric

  • Appeals to your strengths as a learner and thinker, showing the audience the context in which you think
  • Wows the audience
  • Demonstrates to the audience the key ideas, themes, issues, for what’s being studied at a complex level of thinking
  • Explains in no more than two sentences how the assignment allowed you to comprehend the subject to which you responded, using the terms comprehension, analysis, and evaluation
  • Explain what you learned to another student using Bloom’s higher level thinking terms and apply it to another topic beyond the one studied

Generic Scale for Formative Assessment

Why use formative assessment?

Formative Assessment Source: Marzano, Designing and Teaching Leader Goals & Objectives

for support materials
For Support Materials

Reading Response Zone

I need to remember to steal things from this web site!


Teaching Zone



  • Brian Jeffrey

Los Osos High School

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  • Work Phone: 909-477-6900,

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  • Cell Phone: 909-553-9392
  • E-mail: mrj@mrjeffrey.com
  • Web Page: mrjeffrey.com

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