tig driving innovation for transportation keith platte p e program manager aaashto
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TIG: Driving Innovation for Transportation Keith Platte, P.E. Program Manager AAASHTO

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TIG: Driving Innovation for Transportation Keith Platte, P.E. Program Manager AAASHTO - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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TIG: Driving Innovation for Transportation Keith Platte, P.E. Program Manager AAASHTO. What does TIG do?. Promotes Focus Technologies that are:. market-ready high pay-off. How does TIG work?. Two Tier System Executive Committee (top DOT executives) Lead State Teams. How does TIG work?.

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Presentation Transcript
what does tig do
What does TIG do?

Promotes Focus Technologies that are:

  • market-ready
  • high pay-off
how does tig work
How does TIG work?
  • Two Tier System
    • Executive Committee (top DOT executives)
    • Lead State Teams
how does tig work4
How does TIG work?
  • Executive Committee (top DOT executives)
    • Solicit and Select the Technologies (Annually - 3-4 Focus Technologies, 2-3 Additional Selected Technologies)
    • Program Oversight and Management
how does tig work5
How does TIG work?
  • Lead State Teams
    • Formed for every Focus Technologies
      • 4-7 State DOT Subject Matter Experts
      • 1-2 FHWA
      • 1-2 Industry
how does tig work6
How does TIG work?
  • Types of Technologies
    • Focus Technology
      • Lead State Team is Formed
      • Dedicated budget for marketing/implementation
    • Additional Selected Technologies (AST)
      • No Team assembled
      • Produces a White Paper
what are the current focus technologies
What are the current Focus Technologies?
  • Self-Propelled Modular Transporters (SPMT)
  • Construction Analysis Software Tools (CAST)
  • Automated Machine Guidance (AMG)
  • Precast Concrete Paving Slabs (PCPS)
what are the current focus technologies cont d
What are the current Focus Technologies? (cont’d)
  • Maintenance Decision Support Systems (MDSS)
  • Cable Median Barriers (CMB)
  • Weigh in Motion (WIM)
additionally selected technologies ast
Additionally Selected Technologies (AST):?
  • Slope Stabilization Using Recycled Plastic Reinforcement
  • Low Profile Barrier Systems
  • Embedded Data Collector
what do lead states teams do
What do Lead States Teams do?
  • Provide hands-on assistance
  • Identify prospective adopters
  • Reach out to other key stakeholders
types of deliverables from focus technologies
Types of deliverables from Focus Technologies?
  • Suite of Materials (with a TIG Brand)
    • Brochure
    • Presentation (PPT or Video)
    • Case Histories
    • Website
tell us about self propelled modular transporters
Tell us about Self-Propelled Modular Transporters…
  • Why SPMT? Why now?
    • Significantly reduce traffic congestion/impact
    • Open highways to traffic in minutes/hours
    • Improve quality and constructability
    • Improve work zone safety
    • Increase contractor and owner options
what are spmt s
What are SPMT’s?
  • Combination of multi-axle platforms
  • Operated through state-of-the-art computer control system
  • Capable of pivoting 360 degrees
  • Lift, carry, and set very large and heavy loads
how do spmt s work
How do SPMT’s work?
  • motorized vehicles that move at walking speed
  • carry bridge structures from offsite locations
  • position them precisely into position
  • return area to traffic within minutes or hours
what bridge operations are spmts used for
What bridge operations are SPMTs used for?
  • New bridge installation
  • Reconstruction
  • Move & “recycle” entire structures
  • Removal of old structures
sample of spmt savings
Sample of SPMT Savings:

Mobilization cost offset by savings:

  • Fewer/shorter maintenance-of-traffic setups
  • No temporary-detour construction/repair of long-term detours
  • Less user costs from construction-related delay and congestion
  • Better performance of prefabricated structure.

Contractors reap: lower insurance premiums, more projects, less manpower and equipment rental time

tell us about automated machine guidance
Tell us about Automated Machine Guidance…
  • Why AMG? Why now?
    • Links software with construction equipment
    • Directs the operation of machinery
    • Provides a high level of precision
    • Improves speed and accuracy
amg also means
AMG also means:
  • Less changes, busts, reengineering and rework
  • Less labor /time to produce high quality results
  • Improved worker safety
  • Agencies/contractors save time and money
  • Better ride quality for customers
how does amg work
How does AMG work?
  • Three-dimensional computer models to move materials with precision
  • Info via GPS about how much to move or aggregate level
  • Machine controls materials while operator drives down roadbed
amg holds promise for
AMG holds promise for:
  • Curb placement
  • Paving
  • Trenching
tell us about construction analysis software tools
Tell us about Construction Analysis Software Tools…

Why CAST? Why now?

  • CAST provides Information on construction options that helps agencies:
    • “Try before they buy”
    • Minimize traffic congestion during congestion
    • Maximize safe mobility
    • Gather and organize data for IA and TMP, per new FHWA rule
use cast for
Use CAST for:
  • Planning
  • Design
  • Implementation
cast options include
CAST options include:
  • Traffic simulation/analysis
  • Traffic management
  • Construction scheduling/cost analysis
  • Combination of these options
cast decision factors include
CAST decision factors include:
  • Analysis context
  • Tool category
  • Most appropriate tool within category
tell us about precast concrete paving slabs
Tell us about Precast Concrete Paving Slabs…

Why PCPS? Why now?

  • Proven quality, durability and long-term performance
  • Accelerate construction scheduling and sequencing
  • Reduce work zone duration and size limits
  • Reduce construction delays/congestion
  • Economically viable
types and products
Types and products:
  • Prestressed/Post-Tensioned Paving Panel
  • Full-Depth Repair/Joint Replacement
  • Uretek Precast Panel using High Density Polyurethane
  • “Super-Slab™”
  • Kwik Joint Coupling system
more information on pcps
More Information on PCPS:

Check the PCPS Website:

  • Frequently asked questions
  • Sample specifications
  • Background Information on the various products
so how does tig pay for all this
So how does TIG pay for all this?
  • Voluntary Contribution
    • Bill sent to the CEO/Sectaries office around August/September timeframe
  • 40 States at $6000 each
what s the latest
What’s the latest?
  • Announcement of new TIG technologies: Spring AASHTO Meeting
  • Solicitation for New Technologies in May/June
  • New Guidebook for Lead State Teams
  • Call for Lead State participation
how can we get involved
How can we get involved?
  • Be a pooled fund participant (Work with your Research Manager and Chief Engineer)
  • Serve on a Lead States Team
  • Submit your agency’s technology
how do i learn more
How do I learn more?


Or contact:

Keith Platte, P.E.

Program Manager

[email protected]



Thank you!

Any questions?

ladotd i 10 la 35

LaDOTD I-10 / LA 35

Manual on Use of Self-Propelled Modular Transporters (SPMTs) to Remove and Replace Bridges

By Mary Lou Ralls, P.E.Ralls Newman, LLC

AASHTO TIG SPMT Lead States Team Initial MeetingTallahasse, FloridaJuly 26, 2007

At each end of span, four 6-axle SPMT units coupled longitudinally & laterally