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Lets watch a movie
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Lets watch a Movie. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2dAr9qq2lFI. So what are we gonna talk about?. MUSCLES. Muscles what do they do?. Contract and Extend Flexing Extending Peristalsis Shivering http://www.sci.sdsu.edu/movies/actin_myosin.html. Parts of a Muscle.

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Lets watch a Movie

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Lets watch a movie

Lets watch a Movie


So what are we gonna talk about

So what are we gonna talk about?


Muscles what do they do

Muscles what do they do?

  • Contract and Extend

    • Flexing

    • Extending

    • Peristalsis

    • Shivering

  • http://www.sci.sdsu.edu/movies/actin_myosin.html

Parts of a muscle

Parts of a Muscle

Contraction and extension

Contraction and Extension

Types of muscle

Types of Muscle

  • Skeletal

    • Voluntary muscle that attaches to bone

  • Smooth

    • Involuntary muscle that is involved with the contractions of inner organs and tissues of the body

  • Cardiac

    • Involuntary muscle involved with heart contractions

Skeletal muscle

Skeletal Muscle


Smooth muscle

Smooth Muscle

Microscopic Regular

Cardiac muscle

Cardiac Muscle

HeartCardiac Muscle



  • Muscle Types

    • Slow Twitch

    • Fast Twitch

  • Exercise

    • Aerobic

    • Anaerobic

Getting big

Getting Big

  • Muscle Build Up

    • Exercise stresses muscle and forces the body to activate and create more and more muscle cells in the stressed muscle

  • Muscle Atrophy

    • Muscle is built up by stress.

    • When a muscle is not used for a while the body deactivates it and the muscle cells are broken down for cell energy

Muscles to the extreme

Muscles to the Extreme

So what happened to arnold

So what happened to Arnold

  • How did a little kid grow up to be Mr. Universe?

  • What happened to Mr. Universe’s muscles?

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