Student notice of awards version 2 0
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Student Notice of Awards Version 2.0. Online Application Process. The University of Texas at El Paso. Objectives ~. Simplify the process Automate eligibility verification Automate notification process Refine areas that have caused issues Ongoing Project Result:

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Student Notice of Awards Version 2.0

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Student notice of awards version 2 0

Student Notice of Awards Version 2.0

Online Application Process

The University of Texas at El Paso


Objectives ~

  • Simplify the process

  • Automate eligibility verification

  • Automate notification process

  • Refine areas that have caused issues

  • Ongoing Project

  • Result:

    Eliminate steps from current approval routing process.

Online form

Online Form ~

  • Document creator is tracked through system log-in to Portal SNOA Icon. Contact Information for the document creator:

    ~ This will be automatically populated from information tracked through your log-in

  • Upon completion, the form will be automatically forwarded for approvals through the proper authorization chain.

  • Email notifications will be automatically sent throughout the process to the persons specified in the approval authority.

Online form1

Online Form ~

  • Available on the UTEP portal by accessing My UTEP

  • Step by step guide for the Installation of the SNOA Icon can be Provide by Special Projects Accounting in Financial Services


    1. Open Internet Explorer

    2. Go to

    3. Click on

    4. Go to Faculty/Staff tab & Log In

Student notice of awards version 2 0

Once you’ve logged into My UTEP, you will click on the setup for the on line form from My see the following homepage

Online form2

Online Form ~

~ After clicking the new link to the form

~ You will see the following entry screen:

Line by line instructions

Line-by-Line Instructions ~

  • Student Information:

    • Enter the Student’s ID Number

    • Make sure that the Student’s name and ID number match.

      ~ The other fields related to a student’s record will automatically populate

    • Note: The student data is pulled from Banner and refreshed nightly for up to date information

Line by line instructions1

Line-by-Line Instructions ~

  • Award Information:

    • Choose each of the following, using the drop down boxes

      1) Award Type

      2) Aid Year

      3) Semester

Student notice of awards version 2 0


Student notice of awards version 2 0


Student notice of awards version 2 0


Line by line instructions2

Line-by-Line Instructions ~

  • Award Information (cont.):

    • Type in the Total Award amount

    • Type in the appropriate Account

      • Click on either Multiple Disbursements or Lump Sum

      • If you choose the Multiple Disbursements you will see:

        • Multiple Disbursements

          • The system will pre-populate the payment amounts for both fields. Total Award amount divided by 2. 1st and 2nd payment amounts will be rounded up and then rounded down accordingly.

Line by line instructions cont

Line-by-Line Instructions cont. ~

  • Supervising Professor Information/ Account Signatory:

    Enter the Name

    - OR –

    Use the drop down box to find the Name and click on it

    ~ If known, the project experience can be entered by the Creator or by the Professor upon their approval

Student notice of awards version 2 0

In this example I used my Director, but you’ll use your Supervising Professor, and add the experience description, if known

Click the submit button

Click the Submit Button !

Email notifications

Email Notifications ~

  • Email notifications will automatically generate when document is submitted:

    • To the Creator to confirm the creation

    • To the Supervising Professor

      • To request approval for the award.

      • To Notify the Professor that the system rejected the award because it did not meet the initial requirements

Email notifications1

Email Notifications ~

  • Email Sent To The Creator:

    1) Email is received when the document is created and submitted

    • When the document is routed to the Supervising Professor for approval

    • Or when the document is automatically REJECTED by the system due to the student not meeting basic requirements.

      • Grade Point Average

      • Enrollment Requirement

Email notifications2

Email Notifications ~

  • Email is sent to the Creator:

    2) When the documents is forwarded through the approval routing after the Supervising Professor approves the award

    ~ This email will tell you that it has been approved and routed to Financial Aid and/or ORSP and or The Graduate School and is pending final approval

    ~ After this point, you should contact your CAO for questions on the award or its status

Email notifications3

Email Notifications ~

  • Email is sent to the Supervising Professor:

    • Is received when award request has been submitted and is awaiting their approval

    • Is received if award is automatically REJECTED by the system due to the student not meeting basic requirements, such as:

      • Grade Point Average

      • Enrollment Requirement

        3) Upon receipt of the rejection email the Supervising professor does have the option to overide the rejection.

Instructions for supervising professor

Instructions for Supervising Professor ~

  • When the Supervising Professor receives email notification that an award has been created and is awaiting their approval, they should:

    • Example of the email they will receive

      • All emails will be sent from

        1) Go to the link provided in notification email to see the award request

        2) After reviewing the request form, update the Project Experience information

        3) Click the Approve button

        Note** The document creator should inform the supervising professor not to immediately discard the email notification of the award in the event there are any issues

Routing sequence

Routing Sequence

Email notifications4

Email Notifications ~

  • To The Student:

    • Email is received after Financial Aid has approved the award.

      * Email will state that award has been approved and is scheduled for payment in Financial Aid. Payment will take approximately 5 business days.

      2). Student will receive an Email if the Award is rejected for any reason at any stage of the approval process.

      ~ At this point, the student should be told to contact the Department for questions on the award or its status; they will not receive any additional emails

Next steps

Next Steps…

  • Student Award is Awaiting Final Approval

  • Form has been routed to ORSP, the Graduate school Financial Aid depending upon whether there are grant accounts involved.

  • The CAOs and the Graduate School have access to view the student awards in the system this allows them to see where the request is in the system and whether or not it has been “Final Approved”

Trouble shooting and questions

Trouble shooting and Questions

  • Common issues encountered with Electronic form:

    • 1. Form is completed incorrectly and needs modification or to be deleted

    • 2. Duplicate awards are submitted for the same student and need to be deleted.

    • 3. Student has not been enrolled in the University and does not have an 800 number.

    • 4. The student’s name and 800 number do not match.

    • 5. The information for the supervising processor does not appear correctly on the form.

Items for emphasis

Items for emphasis

  • No Paper forms will be accepted going forward.

  • The Students need to be enrolled in the current semester in order for the creator to be able to use the electronic form

  • All Persons creating awards should consult with their appropriate CAO (Does everyone know who their CAO is?)

  • Awards the are created that have any special instructions should have an explanation provided in the comments field. i.e. one depart creating an award for another department.

  • Any person that need view access to the database need to request this from IT (Paul Adame).

Contact information

Contact Information ~

Ruben Ramon Chavira

Special Projects Accounting Manager

Office of Financial Services

(915) 747-6601

Paul Adame

Information Technologies

(915) 747-7955

Student Aid Notice of Award Help Desk Number extension # 6126

Email contact information;

Please don’t hesitate to call if you have questions !

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