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SciFinder. ACS Headquarters, Washington, D.C. CAS is a division of the American Chemical Society. ACS is a not-for-profit society of more than 130 years

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ACS Headquarters,

Washington, D.C.

CAS is a division of the American ChemicalSociety

  • ACS is a not-for-profit society of more than 130 years

  • the largest scientific society, with nearly 163,000 members

  • a mission “to encourage the increase and diffusion of chemical knowledge” for the benefit of industry and education

CAS (Chemical Abstracts Service)

American Chemical Society

In 1876



Washington D.C.




In 1907

Chemical Abstracts Service(columbus)


CAS moved to its present location in 1965

New Data Center


CAS occupies three buildings on a 52 acre site.

Our data center is the "nerve center" for online users worldwide

and enables them to search CAS data

CAS (Chemical Abstracts Service) worldwide

Our mission is to create the world’s best digital environment to search, retrieve, analyze and link chemical information

SciFinder worldwide

What is SciFinder?

SciFinder, a research discovery tool that allow you to access the world’s largest collection of biochemical, chemical engineering, medical, and other related information.

You can explore one single source for scientific information in journals and patent literature from around the world.

Publisher : CAS (Chemical Abstracts Service)

Area : Science

Coverage : 1907 to Present

Data type : Bibliographic & Abstracts (※Patents)

SciFinder worldwide

연구자에게 SciFinder가 왜? 필요한가???

  • The research results are significant

    과학 분야에서 14년 이상 연구한 과학자

    SciFinder 1년 이상 사용한 과학자

    250명 대상으로 표본조사

    (2/3:North America, 1/3:Europe Scientist)

SciFinder worldwide

Survey Results

  • Improved Productivity

    연구정보 수집에 시간절약 (96%)

    주어진 시간안에 많은 정보 제공 (80%)

    관련 연구정보의 빠른 접근 (90%)

  • High Quality Information

    최신정보 제공 (95%)

    SciFinder가 연구분야의 최고 정보 제공 (90%)

  • Improved Creative Process

    SciFinder 사용중 추가 연구정보 발견 (84%)

    과거의 연구수행중 빠진 부분 발견 (90%)

    SF 사용전 발생한 문제에 대해 해결 (67%)

    문제해결 능력과 창의적 연구 수행 ( 67%)

  • Easy Access to Information

    과학기술 정보에 가장 쉽게 정보 접근 (95%)

    다른 On-Line DB보다 용이한 정보이용 (67%)

    연구원들에게 성공적인 연구업적 수행 (75%)

CAS Editorial Scientists analyze more than 10,000 journals and patents from 60 patent offices to index new chemical information


CAS RN 2835-34-8

CAS RN 154907-93-4

CAS Scientists


Animal gene pac43

Oncogenes pac43

Neoplam inhibitors

Liver neoplasm

CAS and patents from 60 patent offices to index new chemical information







Scientists &



CAS scientists build databases and make them accessible to fellow

scientists and information professionals around the world





CAS analysis reveals information in a patent from Korea and patents from 60 patent offices to index new chemical information





Preparation of E. coli variant

stains with inhibited formation

of biofilm by deleting markerless

linear DNA fragment.

Genetic engineering

Antibiotic resistance

Genetic vectors

CAS RN 877483-36-8

SciFinder scientists

Databases of SciFinder

  • Reference DB

    • CA Plus


  • Substance DB

    • CA Registry

  • Reaction DB

    • CAS React

  • Specialized DB



SciFinder scientists

▶ Reference DB - CA PLUS

A CAS literature database containing references to research published in journals of Engineering, Physics, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Medical, patents of 60 patent office in the world and other sources

Coverage : 1907 to Present

Source Title : Over 10,000 Journals

Contents : Over 32 Million records

Update : Daily over 3,000 records

▶ Reference DB - Medline

A literature database containing references to Medical research published in journals

Coverage : 1949 to Present

Source Title : Over 4,800 Journals

Contents : Over 18 Million references

Update : 5 times per week

SciFinder scientists

▶Substance DB – CAS Registry

Substance Database containing CAS RN, Structures, Chemical Names, Properties, Sequences

Coverage : 1957 to Present

Contents : Over 113 Million substances

Update : Daily over 12,000 substances

▶Reaction DB – CAS React

Database of Reactions

Search Reactants, Reagents, Products, catalysts, any Role

Coverage: 1840 to Present

Contents : Over 22 Million Single- and multi-step reactions

Update : Weekly with about 30,000 reactions

SciFinder scientists

▶ Specialized DB – CHEMLIST

Regulatory information from Government Regulatory or inventory lists around the world

Coverage : 1979 to Present

Contents : Over 275 thousand inventoried/regulated substances

Update : Weekly with over 50 new substances or additions

▶ Specialized DB – CHEMCATS

Quickly and easily obtain current information on commercially available chemicals and their worldwide suppliers

Over 900 suppliers & over 1000 catalogs

Contents : Over 39 Million products

Update : Updated upon receipt of new catalog

SciFinder scientists

Sources of SciFinder

Over 10,000 journals monitored

Patents (over 60 patent organizations)

Technical disclosures

Conference proceedings

Technical reports




Meeting abstracts

Web preprints Journal

Electronic-only journals


SciFinder offer many scientific disciplines scientists

SciFinder has wide application across sciences

Technical aspects of SciFinder Web scientists

  • SciFinder URL :

    • Windows-based browsers Internet Explorer 6.x and 7.x as well as FireFox 2.x

    • Mac browser support for Firefox and Safari

    • Java applet (J2SE Runtime Environment 6.0, which installs Java 1.6 version) installed on users’ computers for CASDraw to operate

  • No software or site.prf required

  • Network requirement:

    • https (SSL) connection via port 443 to

    • http connection on port 80 to

  • Client based SciFinder will continue to be fully supported by CAS

New features in SciFinder Web scientists

  • Create new answer sets using selective keep/remove

  • Analyze answers sets automatically

  • Analyze substances by substance role, elements, reaction availability or commercial availability

  • Direct links to data

  • Index term linking

  • Navigate to stages of search

  • Save answer sets in server

  • Export answer set as .pdf

  • Keep Me Posted

  • Session history retention

Clear search interface at one page scientists

  • Choose for references, substances and reactions search from the top

  • Choose for the search way from the left

  • Entry the search queries in the middle

Informative references answer page scientists

  • Abstract information for quick reference, with the keyword highlighted

  • Get related information for particular or all references

  • Analyses are performed automatically for getting more ideas of answer set

Permalink: Sharing the links for records scientists

A CAplus record (1)

A CAplus record (2) scientists

  • CAS scientists index for novel concepts and substances

  • Concepts heading with sub-heading for detailed information

  • Index terms are linked for faster exploring

  • CAS registry number is indexed for substance with specific role

Keep selected records and analysis display scientists

  • Keep/Remove selected records

  • Output options

    • Save (on CAS server, up to 20,000 answers per answer set)

    • Print answers

    • Export in different kinds of format (.akx, .pdf, .rtf, .txt)

Structure search result scientists

Automatic analysis:

- Substance roles, elements, reaction availability and commercial availability

Summary of SciFinder Web scientists

  • Provide quick access and user friendly interface to search for scientific information

  • New features that are tailor made for the needs of researchers

  • Enhanced content for properties, spectra, registration, reaction information and etc

  • Personalization features (keep me posted and save as)

CAS SciFinder License Agreement scientists

▶ I will not share my unique Login ID or password with any other person

*MACid (Media Access Control identifier): Physical address for the computer

▶ I will store no more than 5,000 records at any time

▶ I will not conduct research for, on behalf of, or deliver search results to, any other organization

▶ CAS Information Use Policies