Curriculum night 2013
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Curriculum Night 2013 PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Curriculum Night 2013. 3S. Information sheet— Northpoint is going Green!. I’ve got an information page going around. If you can complete I would appreciate it. Your preferred name, email addresses, phone numbers and who is likely to answer. Ex. Home, Mom, Dad etc.

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Curriculum Night 2013

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Curriculum night 2013

Curriculum Night 2013


Information sheet northpoint is going green

Information sheet—Northpoint is going Green!

  • I’ve got an information page going around. If you can complete I would appreciate it.

  • Your preferred name, email addresses, phone numbers and who is likely to answer. Ex. Home, Mom, Dad etc.

  • Also remember to sign up for conferences

Who is teaching my student

Who is teaching my student?

  • Bobby Scott

  • Lived in Bloomington-Normal my whole life.

  • I went to Glenn, Chiddix, NCHS and then ISU.

  • Taught eleven years of fifth grade at Colene Hoose.

  • Beginning 8th year of 3rd grade at Northpoint.

  • I have my masters degree in administration.

  • Married and have two sons and one daughter

Curriculum night 2013

  • I enjoy sending time with my family.

  • I enjoy being outside.

  • We like to travel and often go camping.

  • I enjoy sports—playing and watching– I incorporate a lot of sport stuff into the classroom.

Goal in life

Goal in Life

  • Have fun!

  • I try to transfer that to the classroom.

  • Balance school with life.

Curriculum night 2013

  • I take this job very seriously. It’s a job that never ends. I think about school all the time, knowing that there is always something more than can be done.

  • I recognize that it is not your typical 9-5 job, and that it’s difficult to reach me during the day (since I’m with the students most of it).

  • Feel free to call me at home 451-1955 if you feel it is necessary. I may not get back to you until the next day.

Curriculum night 2013

  • Best way to reach me is email.

  • I always try to respond– it might just be a “thanks” or short response.

  • Typically the shorter the email the quicker the reply.

  • Class website

Class make up this year

Class make up this year

  • 26 students

  • 14 boys

  • 12 girls

  • Student Teacher- Mr. Wilkinson

Personal beliefs goals for third grade students

Personal Beliefs/goals for third grade students

  • Respect and polite to all

  • organization

  • learning is fun

  • Goes well with “Get your Armorrr on”- (Respect, Responsibility, Ready)



  • We will have some– Likely not too much

  • Enough to create good organization habits and enrich classroom learning

  • If you find your student spending too much time with it, let me know

  • I don’t believe in giving homework for the sake of giving homework

  • Chance of assigned reading from text books.

Assignment notebook

Assignment Notebook

  • We will do this daily

  • Students have the responsibility to get their assignment notebook signed.

  • Signing it means you have communicated with your child about their day and assignments.

  • Feel free to leave a note. I try to respond back.



  • We will be practicing cursive handwriting throughout the year.

  • Students are encouraged to use cursive.

  • I will not be grading handwriting practice sheets but usually review them.

  • I occasionally give out a “cursive writing bonus” on assignments.

  • Please encourage your students to write neatly and use cursive.



  • I typically update Skyward every Sunday.

  • I give each student a note of missing assignments on Monday mornings.

  • Check it every couple weeks or so, but don’t micro manage.

  • Don’t panic if you see a low grade– if you see many then we should talk.

My philosophy on grades

My Philosophy on Grades

  • What students know is the most important.

  • Don’t put too much pressure on students.

  • Don’t compare students to each other.

  • Encourage and praise effort.

  • Grades aren’t perfect.

  • I believe skills are more important than grades

Curriculum night 2013


  • Working toward a workshop approach

  • We will use journals daily.

  • Home Links nearly everyday

  • It is helpful if you indicate how much assistance you provided.

  • Circle the “A lot, some, little, none”

  • I encourage you to assist them– but please let me know if they are not grasping a skill or concept.

  • If a student always has a perfect paper and I don’t know they are receiving a lot of additional help can create problems.

  • Mastery of every skill is not expected-series spirals

  • Games

  • SRB (Student Reference Book)

  • Flash Cards are great!

  • Multiplication 0-12 are to be mastered by end of year.

  • esuite



  • 90 minutes a day.

  • We are using a workshop approach.

  • Still new at this approach to teaching—grading is a big part of the challenge

  • I’ll read out loud to the class daily.

  • Always assign 15 minutes to read– adjust as necessary.

  • I let students borrow my books. Please help see that they get returned.

Reading cont

Reading cont.

  • 30 minutes a day for SWORD time.

  • Students Working On Reading Development

  • Strategic grouping



Difficult for many students

  • moving toward a workshop approach

  • Grading is somewhat subjective– less important than skills

  • Goals:

    • Make it fun

    • Provide a lot of ideas

    • Understand that writing is a process– even the best writers complete several drafts before they are “done”

  • Teach students about plagiarism and tips for avoiding it. Parental help is usually necessary.

  • Writers Notebook

    • Will come home tomorrow and students can decorate it

  • Hope to include parents in “Writers’ Workshop”



  • Words there way

  • A word study

  • Learn about letter patterns

  • Lots of grouping

  • Not sure it will be graded

Science social studies

Science/Social Studies

  • Extension of reading

  • Less time will be spent on these subjects

  • Social Studies- Good mix of geography, history, economics and government

  • Science- spirals, many topics may seem like they repeat from previous years

  • Hope to make both fun and interesting!

  • Hope to use the netbooks often for research

  • May have to assign reading from text books at home



  • Music- with Mrs. Ogdon

  • Art- with Mrs. Cunningham

  • P.E.-with Mrs. Leake

  • I.M.C.- Mrs. Tindall



  • Try to write a weekly newsletter

  • Students will do writing and eventually the typing.

  • Hopefully it will improve throughout the year.

  • Student perspectives are very interesting (I’ll believe part of what they tell me about you if you believe part of what they tell you about me).

  • We will likely start it next week. They will partner write the first time then move to self writing.

  • Almost all written communication will come through emails.

Parent helpers

Parent Helpers

  • Writers’ workshop– hopefully???

  • Math workshop– hopefully???

  • PTO

  • IMC

  • Mrs. deFreese is in need of help as well

  • A note will come home about these as they become available.

Classroom discipline

Classroom Discipline

  • Stop Signs/ Warning Signs

  • Positives: add a penny

  • Students created our 3S Classroom Constitution

  • Get your Armorrr On!!

  • Tickets/drawings/auctions

Peanut free classroom

Peanut Free Classroom

  • One confirmed and one suspected peanut allergy



  • Fruits, vegetables, yogurt, and cheese sticks. (NO DIPPING SAUSES).

  • Remember to send a spoon if necessary

  • Otherwise students will receive 5 animal crackers.

  • I will be asking for donations of animal crackers or animal cracker like snacks.

  • I used to let the class bring their own snacks, but realized I was in violation of the district policy.



  • We watch Rusty almost every day.

  • He give tips and reminders on how to be a better citizen.

Various items from the office

Various items from the office

  • Volunteers need to be screened.

    • Sign up in the office

  • Pick up and drop off must occur out front

  • Eating with child

    • Space is a real problem

    • Call office by 9:00

    • No fast food

  • All visitors need a badge

  • Please contact the office (and me if possible) your student will be missing school.

  • Remember to sign up for a conference when we are done.

Odds and ends

Odds and Ends

  • Assignment Notebook $5

  • Time for Kids (TFK) $5- only need 4 more

  • Calculator (optional)

  • Book orders once a month—due tomorrow

  • Water container– with lid.

  • Camera

  • Netbooks

  • Passwords

  • Room is often cool– students can leave sweatshirt/sweater here

  • Student council- paragraphs due Tuesday.

3s code

3S Code

  • A star or P= paper was reviewed but not taken for a grade. Often I’ll spot check just one problem.

  • C & R= Student can correct and return for partial credit.



  • Remember to sign up for conferences and room parent help!

  • Also sign parent contact sheet.

  • Feel free to leave a note for your student

  • Thank you in advance for all your support

  • Show class website; esuite

  • Login