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Egypt. Pyramids. Stonehenge. England. Kinkaku-ji. Japan. a large group of soldiers. army —.

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alarge group ofsoldiers


Paris, the prince of Troy (a city in what is now Turkey), falls in love with Helen, the beautiful queen of Sparta ( a city in ancient Greece). He kidnaps her and takes her to Troy. The king of Sparta sends an army to Troy to bring her back. The war lasts for ten years and there are many heroes. Neither side can overcome the other.

Then one of the Spartan leaders thinks of a trick, He builds a great wooden horse and hides soldiers inside its hollow belly. The Spartans then sail away. The Trojans are delighted and bring the horse into the city to offer to the goddess Athena. That night, the Spartans secretly sail back. The soldiers creep out of the horse and let the Spartan army into the city. The Spartans capture and destroy Troy, and Helen returns to Sparta.

wooden—made of wood

Troy (n.)—Trojan(s) (n.)

secret—not known by others / secretly (ad.)

capture—make… prisoner / take control… by force


海伦是斯巴达国王的女儿,几乎全希腊的王子都想娶她为妻,最后她选了墨涅拉俄斯(Menelaus)。然而,幸福的婚姻并没持续很久。海伦(Helen)为了与特洛伊王子帕里斯(Paris)抛弃了丈夫和年幼的女儿,带着许多财宝和帕里斯来到了斯巴达(Sparta)。于是变引发了希腊与特洛伊之战(The Trojan War)。希腊联军登岸特洛伊,兵临城下,但一连九年无法攻破特洛伊城堡。


The night of the horse故事的历史背景是长达十年、规模宏伟、给交战双方造成重大创伤的特洛伊战争。本课描述了这一场战争中的主要情节。战争起因可谓

a famous tale from history

The Greeks tried to capture Troy for ten years, but failed. And then they thought of a trick. They built a huge, wooden horse and left it outside the main gate. Then on the night of the horse…

The soldier故事的历史背景是长达十年、规模宏伟、给交战双方造成重大创伤的特洛伊战争。本课描述了这一场战争中的主要情节。战争起因可谓

come down the stairs… at a time

‘They’ve disappeared.’

disappear (ed) -- vanish(ed) / could no longer be seen

Seconds later故事的历史背景是长达十年、规模宏伟、给交战双方造成重大创伤的特洛伊战争。本课描述了这一场战争中的主要情节。战争起因可谓, the captain of the guards

look down at the empty plain

the plain—the big, flat piece of land

beyond it– on the far side of it / past it

‘The Greeks have tried for ten years tocaptured our city.’

make our city their prisoner / take control by force

sail away

‘They’ve taken everything with them.’

The soldier

main gates --most important big doors

a huge horse made of wood -- a hugewooden horse


on wheels


the Trojans

drag (ged) …into--

pull…roughly into

That night故事的历史背景是长达十年、规模宏伟、给交战双方造成重大创伤的特洛伊战争。本课描述了这一场战争中的主要情节。战争起因可谓, in the main square of…

All the citizens of Troy

open area of city

enjoy themselves by singing, dancing, eating,etc


make jokes about the enemies

Then the Trojans made sure all the gates of the city were securely


including --


and also / counting as one of a group

By midnight, 故事的历史背景是长达十年、规模宏伟、给交战双方造成重大创伤的特洛伊战争。本课描述了这一场战争中的主要情节。战争起因可谓the square

except for

The six Greek soldiers

open the secret door in the side of

climb out

open the main gates

the Greek army

return in the darkness

Now 故事的历史背景是长达十年、规模宏伟、给交战双方造成重大创伤的特洛伊战争。本课描述了这一场战争中的主要情节。战争起因可谓the Greeks

enter the city

seize(d) sb drag(ged) … away

For ten years,

In one night,

succeed(ed) in capturing it by…

pulled roughly

took hold of sb roughly

was / weresuccessful in








During the night…

( Retell the story)