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Banner 6 user training
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Banner 6 User Training. Welcome to Banner 6. This presentation will discuss the following topics in order. Logon Process, including JInitiator Navigation Changing Password Purchase Order Search Support Services. Logon Process. Access Banner at Logon Process.

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Banner 6 User Training

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Banner 6 user training

Banner 6User Training

Welcome to banner 6

Welcome to Banner 6

  • This presentation will discuss the following topics in order.

    • Logon Process, including JInitiator

    • Navigation

    • Changing Password

    • Purchase Order Search

    • Support Services

Logon process

Logon Process

  • Access Banner at

Logon process1

Logon Process

  • Click “Logon to Banner”

Logon process2

Logon Process

  • Click the “Banner Logon” link

Note: Two windows will open and must remain open

Logon process3

Logon Process

  • When Banner is accessed for the First time: a prompt will appear to download and install the Oracle JInitiator plug-in.

Download and install JInitiator plug-in

Logon process jinitiator plug in

Logon ProcessJInitiator plug-in

  • Another browser window will open, and a security warning dialog box will open

  • Click (Yes).

Logon process jinitiator plug in1

Logon ProcessJInitiator plug-in

  • The browser window will be replaced with an install screen. Another dialog box will open.

  • Click (Next).

Logon process jinitiator plug in2

Logon ProcessJInitiator plug-in

  • When installation is complete, the following dialog box will appear.

  • Click (OK).

Logon process jinitiator plug in3

Logon ProcessJInitiator plug-in

  • The browser window will change slightly, a Java window will open and the Banner logon dialog box will appear.

  • Your computer is now configured to use the Banner system.

Logon process4

Logon Process

  • These two screens will open and Must remain open while using Banner.

Logon process5

Click on the minus sign to minimize this page. Do not close or Banner will terminate.

Logon Process

  • This screen can be minimized

Logon process6

Logon Process

Logon dialog box

  • Click on Username field and enter your username

  • Click on Password field and enter your password

  • Database should have PROD entered

  • Click (Connect) or press Enter

When you log on for the first time, you will need to change your password.

Changing password

Changing Password

  • Your password will be active for 120 days. You will need to change your password when a reminder appears.

  • Password restrictions

    • Must be at least 6 characters in length

    • Cannot be your username

    • Must be different from previous two changes

    • Numbers and letters are accepted,

      also _, -, +, *, ^, ! are accepted

Changing password1

Changing Password

  • The first time you logon you will be required to change your password. Enter information and click (OK).

Logon to navigation

Logon to Navigation

  • Now you are logged on to Banner.

  • Navigation is windows based.

  • Seven digit character codes are used for forms. You will become familiar with these.

Navigation screen layout

Navigation – Screen Layout

  • Layout of the Banner Screen


1. Menu Bar

2. Title Bar

3. Direct Access field

4. Shortcut Buttons – use mouse to rollover buttons to view use

5. Banner Forms Menu Area

6. Auto Hint Line


Please note the name of the location in the title bar, General Menu GUAGMNU





Navigation character codes

Navigation – Character Codes

  • Seven digit character codes are used for form names, example: GUAPSWD

  • Position 1, primary system owning the form

    • GUAPSWD – G General System

  • Position 2, unique to the product identified in position 1 GUAPSWD

  • Position 3, type of form

    • GUAPSWD – A Application type

  • Position 4-7, unique four character code for form

  • GUAPSWD – PSWD assists in changing user password

Position 1 - most common systems

Position 3 - type of form

Navigation accessing forms

Navigation – Accessing Forms

  • There are three methods to accessing forms

    • Drill Down method

    • Direct Access method

    • File, Direct Access method

Navigation accessing forms1

Navigation – Accessing Forms

  • “Drill Down” method

  • Click on the plus symbol (+) to expand the appropriate category. Continue to expand until the desired form is located.

  • Double click a form to open it.

  • To close an expanded category, click on the (-) symbol next to the category being closed.

Navigation accessing forms2

Navigation – Accessing Forms

  • “Direct Access” method

  • Click once in the Direct Access field.

  • Type in the form’s seven digit character code.

  • Press Enter (NOT the Search Icon).

  • The form will open.

Direct Access field

Form’s seven digit character code, (i.e. GUAPSWD)

Do Not press the Search Icon

Navigation accessing forms3

Navigation – Accessing Forms

  • “File menu” – Direct Access

  • Type in the desired form’s seven digit character code

  • Click (Start) or press Enter

  • Click on File in the Menu Bar

  • Click on Direct Access

  • The GUAPARM form opens

Click on File, then Direct Access

Type in the character code of the desired form, (i.e. FGIBDST)

Navigation parts of a form

Navigation – Parts of a Form

  • Common elements on a form

Next Block

  • 1. Menu Bar

  • 2. Tool Bar – use mouse to rollover icon to view use of button

  • 3. Key Block – to move to Information Block (6) use the Next Block function

  • 4. Search Icon

  • 5. Blue Fields

  • Information Block

  • Close










Navigation forms

Navigation – Forms

  • Multiple ways to navigate forms

    • Options menu

      • Select options menu to see related forms

      • Context specific to the active information block

    • Block Menu

      • Use to perform the Previous, Next, and Clear block functions

    • Scroll Bars

      • Located on the right of a form or at the bottom of a form

    • Toolbar

      • Contains buttons to easily perform menu functions

Navigation my banner

Navigation – “My Banner”

  • Create a personalized menu of frequently accessed forms in “My Banner”

  • Click on the (+) symbol next to “My Banner” to expand

  • Double-click on “Empty; Select to build {GUAPMNU}”

Navigation my banner1

Navigation – “My Banner”

  • Adding a form to “My Banner”

  • 1. Select a form on the left side and click the top arrow to move the form to the right side. Text will turn white.

  • or

  • Type in the form code under Name in the right column and press Enter.

  • Save.

  • Close.





Navigation querying forms

Navigation – Querying Forms

  • Querying to locate a form in “My Banner”

  • Click once in left pane

  • Select Enter Query

  • Enter search criteria using the

  • wildcard % if necessary

  • Select Execute Query

  • View results of queried

  • forms





Navigation changing form descriptions

Navigation – Changing Form Descriptions

  • Changing the name of the form in “My Banner”

  • Highlight the description name of the form that you want to change

  • Type in the new descriptions

  • Press Enter

  • Save the menu

Navigation removing forms

Navigation – Removing Forms

  • Removing a form from “My Banner”



  • 1. Click on the form you want to remove. The text will turn white.

  • 2. Click on the left arrow to remove form.

  • Save

  • Close



Navigation my banner2

Navigation – “My Banner”

  • Making “My Banner” the Default Menu

  • Choose File – Preferences

  • Click the (Open Menu Options) button

  • 3. In the User Default field, type “*PERSONAL” and hit enter

  • “My Banner” will appear in the next field.

  • Save

  • Close

Click File then Preferences

Changes will not appear until next time you logon.

Changing password2

Changing Password

  • Open the form (GUAPSWD)

  • Enter the appropriate information

  • Click (OK)

Purchase order search

Purchase Order Search

  • Logon to Banner

  • Open the form {FGIBDST}

    Organizational Budget Status

Purchase order search1

Purchase Order Search

  • Enter the following information in the Key Block

Select Next Block after entering information

  • 1. Chart – A

  • 2. Fiscal Year – 05

  • Deselect “Include Revenue Accounts”

  • 4. Orgn – 60210

  • 5. Fund – 0100

  • 6. Program - 6020







Purchase order search2

Purchase Order Search

  • The information block will display data that you can navigate through.

Support services

Support Services

  • Help desk – 942-2911, option #1

  • Web site -

  • You have now completed this presentation.

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