Nebraska social studies review quarter 2
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Nebraska Social Studies Review Quarter 2. Which Indian Nation lived in Nebraska. a). Iroquois. b). Seminole. c). Ponca. d). Navajo. How did Plains Indian elders teach children about their culture?. a). By telling legends. b). By writing history books. c). By sharing photographs.

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Nebraska Social Studies Review Quarter 2

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Nebraska Social Studies Review Quarter 2

Which Indian Nation lived in Nebraska

a). Iroquois

b). Seminole

c). Ponca

d). Navajo

How did Plains Indian elders teach children about their culture?

a). By telling legends

b). By writing history books

c). By sharing photographs

d). By selling goods to traders

Which fort is in Nebraska?

A. Fort Bridger

B. FortKearney

C. Fort Hall

D. Fort Wright

Why did nomadic nations move often?

A. To find better farmland.

B. To find food or fresh water

C. To escape from other nations

D. To avoid getting diseases

Why did the Indian Nations, who chose to farm, live in the eastern part of Nebraska?

A. The soil was richer

B. The trees were healthier

C. The trading was better

D. The temperature was warmer

Why did some nomadic Indian Nations use tipis?

A. They were strong, permanent homes

B. They wanted to honor the land and people

C. They were easy to pack up and move

D. They wanted a decorative place to live.

What was true about an earthlodge?

A. They were rectangular in shape.

B. The roof was made of bison hides.

C. It was quickly and easily moved

D. About 20-40 people lived in one.

For what purpose did Indian Nations use sacred bundles, sacred poles, and headdresses?

A. To prepare their daily meals

B. For protection against other nations

C. For special ceremonies

D. To hunt herds of bison

Why did explorers come to North America?

A. To find land and riches

B. To avoid diseases

C. To gain religious freedom

D. To escape starvation

Why did thousands of Plains Indians die when explorers came?

A. Explorers shot them.

B. Explorers brought diseases.

C. Explorers captured them.

D. Explorers stole their food.

Why did Jefferson send Lewis and Clark on an expedition?

A. to explore the land and its resources

B. to find gold and other strong metals

C. to hunt and kill bison

D. to build forts and cities

Why did missionaries move west?

A. to search for gold and other riches.

B. to teach Indian Nations about Christianity

C. to help Indian Nations become better farmers

D. to study the plants and animals

What was the main reason the Mormons traveled west?

A. to find gold

B. for rich farmland

C. for religious freedom

D. to escape disease

Why did most people travel the Oregon Trail?

A. to work on the railroad

B. to herd cattle

C. to establish forts

D. to get farmland

Why did many people choose to travel to California around 1849?

A. for free property

B. to see the ocean

C. to search for gold

D. for religious freedom

Which Nebraska river did travelers follow on the Oregon Trail?

A. Loup River

B. Platte River

C. Missouri River

D. Niobrara River

Read the text below to answer question.

The Journal of Mollie Dorsey Stanford

April 26th –Across the Plains: Are near to Fort Kearny, a military post.

See lots of soldiers. The land here is not cultivated. Stock graze on the

seemingly bare prairies. Emigration is immense. We hear that 70,000

persons have already passed over this route going west.

Which trail is described in this entry?

A. Fort Kearney Trail

B. Cumberland Trail

C. Overland Trail

D. Oregon Trail

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