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Team Destiny. By: Grand Master (G.M) Dylan K. Balbosa. History.

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Team Destiny

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Team Destiny

By: Grand Master (G.M)

Dylan K. Balbosa


Five years ago Team Destiny was the single most powerful organization in the Pokemon world. Then it broke up due to internal disputes because it was a consortium made up of members from Team Rocket, Magma, Aqua ,Cipher and the Phoebus Battalion. Now we hope to resurrect the Team and restore it to its former glory.


Grand Master: Dylan Balbosa

Liaison to Sinnoh:

Liaison to Hoenn:

Liaison to Johto:

Liaison to Kanto:

Liaison to Sevii:

Liaison to Orange Isle:

Base locations

Team Destiny is based in the Orre Region But is not limited to it. As you saw in the last slide we have liaisons to all major regions. Specifically we are based Out of the buildings used by Cipher ten years ago.


Grand Master



Head Grunt



D. C. S Destiny

Our flagship named the D.C.S Destiny is our largest and most advanced submarine in the fleet. Including an anti-mater propulsion system, a cloaking device, hologram emitters, and teleportation system.

Other ships

The prefix that is used to identify a team Destiny ship is “D.C.S.” It stands for Destiny Consortium Ship. We also have smaller ships such as the Kodiak class enforcement ship , the Belladonna class transport, the Merchantman class freighter, the Archer class fighter sub, and the Aries class base ship.

Ships Registered “D.C.S”


DCS Fight Of The Titans

DCS Intrepid


DCS Excalibur

DCS Magnum

DCS Winchester

IBID cont.


DCS Odysseus

DCS Agamemnon


DCS Conqueror

DCS Armageddon

DCS Relentless



DCS Destiny (flagship)

Dylan Valbosa(G. M.) PhD STS

Rank: Grand Master

Education: PhD Steel Type studies ,M.S Pokemon Battling, B.S Psychic type studies, B.S Pokemon Coordination. Chrono Island University of Pokemon learning .Lillycove city coordinating college.

Dylan is the Current leader of Team Destiny and is the Descendant of the original grand master and also descended from Greevil, the former master of Cipher. He is from the Sevii Region but currently resides in the Orre Region.


Grand Master Dylan K. Balbosa(G. M.) PhD STS

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