Emergence of christian art
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Emergence of Christian Art PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Emergence of Christian Art. Aurelian walls. Cemetery Basilicas outside the walls. Catacomb of Domitilla. Catacomb of Pretestato , entrance. Catacomb of Pamphilus , grave slab. Catacomb of San Callisto , loculi. Catacomb of San Sebastiano, “ichthus” = “Jesus Christ son of God Savior”.

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Emergence of Christian Art

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Emergence of Christian Art

Aurelian walls

Cemetery Basilicas outside the walls

Catacomb of Domitilla

Catacomb of Pretestato, entrance

Catacomb of Pamphilus, grave slab

Catacomb of San Callisto, loculi

Catacomb of San Sebastiano, “ichthus” = “Jesus Christ son of God Savior”

Catacomb of Novation

Catacomb of San Callisto, Cubiculum

*Catacomb of Domitilla, cubiculum


Catacomb of Domitilla

*Catacomb of San Callisto, fish and loaves, 3rd.c

Catacomb of San Sebastiano, pheasant, 2nd c.

Catacomb of the Giordani, Raising of Lazarus , 3rd.c

Catacomb of SS. Marcellino e Pietro, Jonah cast into the sea, 3rd.c

Sarcophagus. Good Shepherd, detail, 3rd.c

*Catacomb of San Callisto, Good Shepherd, 3rd.c

Sarcophagus. Good Shepherd, late 4th c.

Sarcophagus of Julius Achilleus 3rd c.

*Sarcophagus of Junius Bassus, 359

Sarcophagus of Junius Bassus, 359

Vergilius Romanus, Council of the Gods, 5th c.

Sarcophagus of Junius Bassus, 359

Coin. Adventus of ConstantinusChlorus, 296-98

San Sebastiano. Beneath the present basilica

Cemetery Basilicas

San Sebastiano, triclia below the basilica

San Sebastiano. Beneath basilica

San Sebastiano, triclia below basilica

San Sebastiano, graffiti in the triclia

*San Sebastiano/ Basilica Apostolorum, 310-340

*San Sebastiano plan

*San Sebastiano, ambulatory

San Sebastiano

San Marco, tombs, 336

San Sebastiano

*Tor Pignattara, SS. Marcellino e Pietro,plan

*SS.Marcellino e Pietro, Tor Pignattara, 320

*Tor Pignattara, SS. Marcellino e Pietro,plan

*Tor Pignattara, SS. Marcellino e Pietro

Sarcophagus of Helena, 315

Circus basilicas (covered cemeteries)

*Sant Agnese and Sta. Costanza. Before 354

*Sant Agnese and Sta.Costanza, plan

Sta. Costanza, exterior

*Sta. Costanza, section

*Sta. Costanza, plan

*Sta. Costanza

*Sarcophagus of Constantina, 354

Sta. Costanza, columns

*Sta. Costanza, ambulatory mosaic, grape harvest

*Sta. Costanza, ambulatory

*Sta.Costanza, reconstruction

*Sta. Costanza, dome

Sta. Costanza, dome

Sta. Costanza, dome mosaic, reconstruction

Sta. Costanza,16th c. drawing of dome

Nilotic scene, Algeria, 3rd c.

Sant’Agnese I and Sta. Costanza, 4th c., catacombs, Sant’Agnese II, 630

*Sant’Agnese II, plan, 630

Sta. Costanza and Sant’Agnese II

*Sant’Agnese II, section

Sant’Agnese II, plan at gallery level

*Sant’Agnese II, 630

Sant’Agnese II, reused marbles

*Sant’Agnese II, apse, St. Agnes and Saints

*Sant’Agnese II,apse, 630

*San Lorenzo flm (= fuori le mura), 4th (bottom)and 6th c. (top) basilicas

*San Lorenzo flm, 4th and 6th c. basilicas

*San Lorenzo flm, 6th c. (Pelagian) basilica right, 13th c. addition left

San Lorenzo flm, Pelagian basilica top

*San Lorenzo flm reconstruction 6thc. basilica

*San Lorenzo flm, ca. 600 (right) and ca. 1200 (left)

*San Lorenzo flm, ca.600

* San Lorenzo flm, section

San Loenzo flm, 13th c. nave

San Lorenzo flm, 6th c. gallery

*San Lorenzo flm, 6th c. basilica

San Lorenzo flm 6th c. capital

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