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Greek Roots #1. English 2 Mrs. Lucidi. Root: Agog. Meaning: leader Sample Words: -demagogue -pedagogue -synagogue. Demagogue. A false leader of people who appeals to the prejudices and fears of the people in order to get their support. Hitler was a demagogue. Pedagogue. Teacher

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Greek Roots #1

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Greek Roots #1

English 2

Mrs. Lucidi

Root: Agog

Meaning: leader

Sample Words:





A false leader of people who appeals to the prejudices and fears of the people in order to get their support

Hitler was a demagogue.



Leader of children

The pedagogue tried to answer all of the questions before the bell rang.


House of people (leading together of people)

My Jewish friends go to a synagogue every week.

Root: Agon

Meaning: struggle, contest

Sample Words:





To be in extreme pain or to suffer great anguish; to make a great effort; a struggle


One who opposes or actively competes with another

In literature, the character opposing the protagonist


The leading character in any literary form

The champion or leader of a cause

Root: Anthrop

Meaning: man

Sample Words:





The study of man


A hater of all mankind


The love of mankind


Root: Ant, Anti

Meaning: against, opposite

Sample Words:





A word with the opposite meaning of another word (light/dark, good/bad)


A strong feeling of aversion, repugnance, or opposition


To act in opposition to or against

To provoke hostility

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