Incorporating the arts in writing workshop
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Incorporating the Arts in Writing Workshop PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Incorporating the Arts in Writing Workshop. Amy Sheets. Don’t Laugh at Me - Mark Wills.

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Incorporating the Arts in Writing Workshop

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Incorporating the Arts in Writing Workshop

Amy Sheets

  • Don’t Laugh at Me- Mark Wills.

  • Have you ever been laughed at for something out of your control? Or have you ever seen a friend teased for being different? How did you feel? What happened? Try to incorporate as many honest emotions as possible.

I’m not just making this up…

  • Interesting fact: According to Howard Gardner musical intelligence runs in an almost structural parallel to linguistic intelligence.

  • In Frames of Mind Howard Gardner claimed that the seven intelligences rarely operate independently. They are used at the same time and tend to complement each other as people develop skills or solve problems.

  • Gardner argues that the big challenge facing education 'is how to best take advantage of the uniqueness conferred on us as a species exhibiting several intelligences' (ibid.: 45).

  • Karen Ernest states, “When images and words work together to create meaning, literacy’s potential expands” (1996, pxi.)

“Say” by John Mayer

  • Think of a time there was MORE you needed to say. If you could “say what you need to say” to someone you needed to, what would you say? It could be to a lost friend, a loved one who passed away, someone you got into a fight with, a feeling of appreciation you’ve never expressed… Let yourself say it in writing knowing you never have to share it.

Dear Little Buggy, by Abby C., 2008

There is so much to that I wish I could say to you but I can’t find the right words to say them. So here it goes I miss you. I really, really truly miss you. You were so cute and always so much fun to hang around with. When you were a little bit older you learned to laugh and it was the cutest ever. When your nurses came to take care of you each night and stay awake for 12 hours they would watch to make sure you were ok. [Your] nurses really cared for you and loved you…

When you ate with us mom never got to eat because if you fed yourself then after dinner if would be all over your face, but when you were done eating then mom got to eat. I loved it when we played together, we rolled the ball back and forth and you had so much fun that you never wanted to stop!...I know that you had Down syndrome and you are a normal person just like me but much cuter and loves to laugh!!

Blue, by Reanna N., 2007

This makes me feel kind of sad. It reminds me of old things that I miss or wish I could have again. Violin makes it even sadder. It reminds me of playing in a field of golden grass or doing something peaceful when I was younger. It also makes me think of a sunny day where people are dancing outside.

Soundtrack of My Life

Soundtrack of My Life

Poetry Slam/ Reading

Bedroom at Arles, Vincent VanGogh

Norman Rockwell, “Going and Coming”

Georges de La Tour, The Fortune Teller

The Banjo Lesson


Haikus are easy

But sometimes they don’t make sense


Haikus Inkblot

Teach the form of a haiku, then have students practice with an idea that will get them thinking about a subject for writing AND a beautiful work of art!

Sunlight on the Coast, Winslow Homer

Indians Simulating Buffalo, Frederic Remington

France in the Midwest, Sharon France

Art Gallery

Shopping for Art for Literary Characters

  • Wilbur wants to buy a painting to commemorate his beloved Charlotte. What would you recommend? Why would this be a good choice?

  • The “Wilds Things” are finally settling down and want to decorate their new place. What would you suggest? Why?

  • Leo wants a gift for Stargirl Caraway to tell her he’s sorry and he embraces her unique character. What should he buy and why?

Imagination is what helps you do things,

lets you fit oceans into

small jars, elephants into

pencils, turn covers into

secret bases, turn lumps of

clay into awesome statues.

You can do 3 ¾ of everything with your imagination, it is

like a backpack crammed

with homework for school.

- Andrew, fourth grader

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