Highlights in erlang otp r9b
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Highlights in Erlang/OTP R9B. Erlang/OTP R9B released 16:th of October. Supported platforms are: Sun Solaris 2.5-2.8 Sparc Windows NT/2000/XP (Windows 95/98) Linux x86 (kernel 2.4.5, glibc 2.2.2) … Open Source R9B-0 available since 16:th of October. New.

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Highlights in Erlang/OTP R9B

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Highlights in Erlang/OTP R9B

Erlang/OTP R9B released 16:th of October.Supported platforms are:Sun Solaris 2.5-2.8 SparcWindows NT/2000/XP (Windows 95/98)Linux x86 (kernel 2.4.5, glibc 2.2.2)…

Open Source R9B-0 available since 16:th of October

Network Core Products


Observer, various facilities for “observing” a live system.

ms_transform, for easier writing of match specifications.

Cprof, a call count profiler

CosEventDomain, OMG compliant CORBA service

Et, an event tracer with graphical viewing of trace data

HiPE (shared_heap, native codegen)

Packages, structured program module packages

Network Core Products


Memory allocation improvements

262143 Erlang processes, > 255 node connections

ASN1 , much faster encode/decode of BER and PER

Inets, support for HTTP 1.1

Orber, Fixed datatype, new debugging facilities

Mnesia, fragmented tables, performance during startup

GS, uses Tcl/Tk 8.3.4

Network Core Products

Erlang OTP/Test Server released as Open Source

The test server + 2 test suites are released today

Make the test_server available for public use.

Show how efficient it is to use Erlang for testing.

The test suites can be used to check that the Erlang you just built works as expected.

Note!, not a supported application


Network Core Products

What is the Erlang OTP/Test Server?

An easy way to:

write tests,

run tests and

to get test results presented in a nice way.

Used in all levels of design, by individual designer and in daily build.

Network Core Products

Erlang OTP/Test Server, example of test suite




-define(default_timeout, ?t:minutes(1)).

all(suite) -> %% Test specification on test suite level [not_started_func1].

not_started_func1(suite) -> []; not_started_func1(doc) -> ["Testing function 1 when application is not started"].

not_started_func1(Config) when list(Config) -> ?line {error, not_started} = myapp:func1(dummy_ref,1), ?line {error, not_started} = myapp:func1(dummy_ref,2), ok.

Network Core Products

Erlang OTP/Test Server example of result report, top level

Network Core Products

Erlang OTP/Test Server example of result report , suite level

Network Core Products

Erlang OTP/Test Server example of result report, test case level

Network Core Products









- initialize jobs

- start/stop nodes

created per job

created per job


- create privdir

- collect io and result

- create logs

- write logs

- present results




per test case


run test case





Test Server

Network Core Products

Coming next

Erlang/OTP on OSE-delta

Enhanched memory handling for ets-tables, binaries

Completed 64-bit support

Stand-alone Erlang as part of the package

Corba security

Improved erl_crash dumps,


Network Core Products

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