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Jeopardy. Late Middle Age Leaders. Italian Renaissance. Northern Renaissance. Crusades. Black Death. Q $100. Q $100. Q $100. Q $100. Q $100. Q $200. Q $200. Q $200. Q $200. Q $200. Q $300. Q $300. Q $300. Q $300. Q $300. Q $400. Q $400. Q $400. Q $400. Q $400. Q $500.

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Late Middle

Age Leaders

Italian Renaissance




Black Death

Q $100

Q $100

Q $100

Q $100

Q $100

Q $200

Q $200

Q $200

Q $200

Q $200

Q $300

Q $300

Q $300

Q $300

Q $300

Q $400

Q $400

Q $400

Q $400

Q $400

Q $500

Q $500

Q $500

Q $500

Q $500

Final Jeopardy

$100 Question from H1

Who threw out the Mongols, centered

power in Moscow and unified Russia?

$100 Answer from H1

Ivan III/Ivan the Great

$200 Question from H1

What husband and wife team of Spain

unified their country and expelled Jews

And the Moors?

$200 Answer from H1

Ferdinand and Isabella

$300 Question from H1

Who conquered England at the Battle

of Hastings in 1066?

$300 Answer from H1

William the Conqueror

$400 Question from H1

What king of Spain conquered large

parts of the Americas?

$400 Answer from H1

Charles V

$500 Question from H1

What leader of France established a

new monarchy in Paris?

$500 Answer from H1

Hugh Capet

$100 Question from H2

What 2 groups of people were

fighting during the Crusades?

$100 Answer from H2

Christians and Muslims

$200 Question from H2

What city were people fighting over

during the Crusades?

$200 Answer from H2


$300 Question from H2

Who asked the Christians to free

the holy land of the Seljuk Turks/

Muslims (thus, starting the Crusades)?

$300 Answer from H2

Pope Urban II

$400 Question from H2

List one example of a crusader state.

$400 Answer from H2

Kingdom of Jerusalem

$500 Question from H2

Who was the king of England during

the 3rd Crusade? (He fought against


$500 Answer from H2

Richard the Lionhearted

$100 Question from H3

From 1347-1353, the Black Death

Killed how much of the population

In Europe?

$100 Answer from H3

1/3 to ½

$200 Question from H3

What type of government (lord and

vassal) was weakened during the years

of the Black Death?

$200 Answer from H3


$300 Question from H3

Since many of the serfs died, the ones

who remained started demanding what

for their work?

$300 Answer from H3


$400 Question from H3

What effect did the Black Death

Have on the Catholic church?

$400 Answer from H3

They lost power/prestige, people

Stopped believing they had the answers/

Thought they were fake

$500 Question from H3

What was disrupted due to the Black

Death? (think: import/export)

$500 Answer from H3


$100 Question from H4

What does the word Renaissance


$100 Answer from H4


$200 Question from H4

During the Renaissance, there was

an increased demand in products

from what area?

$200 Answer from H4

Middle East

$300 Question from H4

List 2 new economic ideas introduced

during the Renaissance.

$300 Answer from H4

Credit and banking

$400 Question from H4

List at least 2 of 3 Italian city-states

of the Renaissance.

$400 Answer from H4

Florence, Venice, and Genoa

$500 Question from H4

What were people who celebrated the

individual called?

$500 Answer from H4


$100 Question from H5

What was invented that increased the sale

and production of books?

$100 Answer from H5

Movable type printing press

$200 Question from H5

Northern Europeans blended

Humanist ideas with …?

$200 Answer from H5


$300 Question from H5

Who wrote the Praise of Folly which

made fun of the corrupt Catholic


$300 Answer from H5


$400 Question from H5

Who wrote Utopia which suggested we

try to live in a perfect world?

$400 Answer from H5

SirThomas More

$500 Question from H5

Which Northern European writer

Acted as a catalyst (accelerator) for

The Reformation?

$500 Answer from H5


Final Jeopardy

What is the difference between art of the

Middle Ages versus art of the Renaissance?

Final Jeopardy Answer

Middle Ages – topics of

Religion, flat

Renaissance – topics both

religious and secular, perspective,

Show fingers, show emotion

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