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Universiade Shenzhen 2011

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Universiade Shenzhen 2011. Made by Group 7. 陈烨轩 陈冰如 谢丽燕 吴丽娟 李晓青. Catalogue. Brief Introduction to the Universiade Shenzhen 26 th Summer Universiade Introduction Emblem The mascot Volunteers Summary. Brief Introduction to the Universiade.

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Shenzhen 2011


Made by Group 7

  • 陈烨轩
  • 陈冰如
  • 谢丽燕
  • 吴丽娟
  • 李晓青


  • Brief Introduction to the Universiade
  • Shenzhen 26th Summer Universiade
      • Introduction
      • Emblem
      • The mascot
      • Volunteers
  • Summary
brief introduction to the universiade
Brief Introduction to the Universiade

The university students\' games is an international multi-sports event introduced by the International University Sports Federation (FISU) to promote sports and enhance friendship among the university students of the world. The headquarters of FISU is located in Brussels, Belgium, and its current president is George E. Killian.

shenzhen 26 th summer universiade
Shenzhen 26th Summer Universiade

Shenzhen 26th Summer Universiade was held from August 12th to August 22th in 2011. The main stadium is located in Longgang District, west of the city, about 15 kilometers from the city center.

Located in Shenzhen Grand Canal northeast of Shenzhen city, Longgang District, west of the city, about 15 kilometers from the city center, is held in 2011 in Shenzhen 26th Summer Universiade in the main stadium area, is also building up the city of Shenzhen implementation of cultural strategies, the development of sports industry, to promote the future of fitness center




Sports Events

This Sports Games will be the biggest event with the most competition items and the largest participants of all Unisersiades. There will be 24 sports competitions including the track and field, swimming, water polo, diving, beach football, bicycle, Tae Kwon Do, chess, soccer, weight lifting, fencing, ping pong, sailing and wind surfboard, tennis, golf, badminton, archery, Judo, body-building exercise, volleyball, basketball and athletics gymnastics and artistic aerobatics. The number of participant athletes, coaches and team leaders is expected to reach over 10,000.



  • The Happy U can be understood as the abbreviation for University, You, Union, United or Universe, as well as the sea bay (Dapeng Bay) in Shenzhen. University students with different skin colors from five continents across the globe will gather together at the U-shaped Dapeng Bay. And the shape of U also symbolizes open, friendly and tolerant spirit.
  • The emblem of Shenzhen 2011 Universiade “Happy U” consists of numerous mlti-colored circles of varying sizes, each serving as a necessary element of the emblem and can bear a lot of messages and imaginations. It is an open emblem with no fixed meanings.


  • The whole happy U comprises a great number of dots of five colors, red, green, yellow, blue and black, which are arranged freely within the U shape. The black word “Universiade” stands for the English version of World University Games, and the following “SHENZHEN 2011” stands for the host city Shenzhen and the year of the 26th Universiade-2011. The five stars below symbolize International University Sports Federation.

The mascot

The mascot of 2011 World University Games, “UU”, is actually a smiling face transformed from the emblem of Shenzhen 2011 Universiade “Happy U”. And meantime it has the shape of the initial letter U from the word “university” and symbolizes the open, friendly and tolerant spirit of the Universiade.

Mascot "UU" by the Shenzhen Universiade 2011, the emblem of the world "Happy U" a smiling face have evolved at the same time, it has a "UNIVERSIADE" (World University Games) to write the first letter "U" shape . According to design, film animation industry, toy-making professionals, "UU" the most suitable as the mascot of the Universiade, which broke the Universiade mascot of the past shape the design of the traditional realist style, with the Shenzhen show Universiade emblem of "the joy of the U" relationship between the two, and showed signs of permanenta gene transmission, which have a common temperament and appearance, to form a family related by blood.
  • There were 1.27 million volunteers for Universiade
  • 80%of Shenzhen Universiade volunteers are young people.Among them, there are university students, workers, overseas students, public servants, pupils, and community security personnel. They practice foreign language a lot, learn the Universiade etiquettes and knowledge, some even study how to smile with a chopstick clasped between the teeth. The lecture series on the introduction of various countries’ background knowledge held by Shenzhen University are quite welcomed by students, teachers and citizens.
  • This time, People from all walks of life and social organizations all throw themselves to the Universiade services, interpreting a different kind of wonderfulness on behalf of Shenzhen, a city of youth and creativity.

In a word,the Shenzhen 26th Summer Universiade tells the world that we are a open,friendly,tolerant and harmonious society and we welcome all friends.

  • The summer universiade is one of the most important and wonderful sport games of the human being,which is the grand gathering of the students from so many universities all over the world.As we know,Shenzhen 26th summer universiade is a great success,which shows the colorful culture and the development of China.And our althletes show the enthusiastic and young blood of morden college students.We are proud of our volunteers,who play active roles and express the spirit of our school-unity.