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WELCOME TO SAINT CLOUD HIGH SCHOOL. Class of 2014. Pamela A. Tapley Principal. Michael Hague Assistant Principal. SCHS Administration. Jeff Schwartz Assistant Principal. Ms. Crowell A-Do. Ms. Smith Dr-Leb. Ms. Swaine Lec-Rin. Ms. Short Rio-Z. Know Your Counselor….

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Class of 2014

Pamela A. Tapley Principal

Michael Hague

Assistant Principal

SCHS Administration

Jeff Schwartz

Assistant Principal

Ms. Crowell


Ms. Smith


Ms. Swaine


Ms. Short


Know Your Counselor…


Ms. Woodruff

Ms. Buehler

Ms. Barber

College and


  • www.schs.osceola.k12.fl.us

  • Get to know your counselor

  • Recognize your administrators and faculty

  • Find a connection – clubs, student government, band, chorus, drama, ROTC, sports

  • Discover academic offerings

  • Learn to log into PIV to check your grades & attendance

Things to know – visit SCHS’s website…

  • During the school day, students may stop by Guidance before 1st period, during lunch, or after school to schedule an appointment with their counselor.

  • Parents may call Ms. Buehler, in Guidance, to schedule an appointment with their student’s counselor or to schedule a parent-teacher-student conference.

  • This assures adequate time for your questions. Remember…we value your time and want to help with your concerns as efficiently and thoroughly as possible.

The Best Way to See Your Counselor Is…By Appointment

What is high school all about?

  • Juggling 7 classes and 7 different teachers

  • Finding a school connection

  • Saying good-bye to middle school friends

  • Meeting new friends

  • Sports/other activities

  • Personal responsibility

    More info? P 15

  • Students should…

  • Use your agenda everyday

  • Check out Saturday Academy

  • Go to After School Tutoring

  • Ask for extra help – before it’s too late!

  • Check PIV often

  • www.smarthinking.com

Wednesday Schedule


  • It can be with a Bright Futures Scholarship. From the minute you begin your high school career , you should…

  • Work toward earning a 3.0-3.5 GPA

  • Explore/begin earning community service hours - 75 hours are required for Florida Academic Scholar

  • Take rigorous coursework – earn A’s and B’s

  • Plan to take the PSAT as preparation for taking the SAT/ACT your junior year


  • Available at Saint Cloud High School for the dedicated student…

  • AP – Advanced Placement courses through College Board: college credit by exam

  • DE – Dual Enrollment courses taken at Valencia Community College: Juniors/Seniors; a 3.0 UW GPA is required by Valencia

  • Honors– Accelerated courses taken at SCHS. Placed by academics and test results.


Students will…

  • Listen to the counselors’ presentation

  • Pick up Curriculum Guide and registration form

  • Select 1 major from list

  • Select 6 elective courses – review course description in Curriculum Guide then rank electives #1-6

  • Discuss selections with your parents

    Based on your current classes, grades and test scores, you be placed in English, Math, Science and Social Studies courses per District guidelines

  • Meet with a counselor to finalize selections – come prepared with completed form & signatures

Course Selection Process…

  • Core Credits: Your core courses will be predetermined by the district guidelines and will be based on your current classes, academic achievement and test scores.

  • English I, English I Honors, or ESOL I (Contemporary Literature Honors if English I Honors in 8th)

  • Algebra I or Algebra I Honors (Geometry Honors if Algebra I Honors in 8th)

  • Physical Science or Physical Science Honors (Biology Honors if Physical Science Honors in 8th)

  • Leadership Skills Development or AP Human Geography

What about Academic Classes?

  • Course level is based on current middle school placement and test score

  • Our goal is to place students in the most rigorous course in which they have the potential to be successful (earn a grade of A or B)

AP/Honors or Regular?

What about a Major?

  • Students – your major…

  • Is entered on ePep

  • Should align with elective choices

  • Requires 4 elective credits within your major area of interest

  • May be changed yearly

Major Areas of Interest…

  • Music (Chorus or Band)

  • Foreign Language

  • Health Science

  • Language Arts – Media/Yearbook

  • Marketing

  • Physical Education

  • Adv. Placement

  • Army ROTC

  • Arts Tech/TV Production

  • Auto Service Tech

  • Drama

  • Early Childhood Ed

Elective Credits – Choose 6 (Rank #1-6)

  • Avid

  • Avid I (placement/application)

  • English

  • Creative Writing 1 & 2

  • Family and Consumer Science

  • Early Childhood I

  • Marketing

  • Marketing Essentials

  • Music/Fine Arts

  • Band 1, 2, 3, +

  • Chorus 1, Perf/Nonperf

  • Comp Theater 1 (Drama)

  • Eurhythmics I (audition)

  • Instrumental Tech 1

  • Keyboard 1

  • Music Appreciation

  • Vocal Ensemble I (audition)

  • Research

  • Yearbook 1

  • Students will select 6 electives from the following areas. Pleaserank in order of preference (#1-6)

  • HOPE

  • Performing Fine Arts

  • General Electives

  • Core Classes – English, Math, Science, Social Studies are scheduled per District guidelines based on middle school placement, performance, and test scores

    Students will be scheduled for a total of seven credits so…please do not choose any electives you do not want!

Again…How Many of Each?

  • Counselors will make every attempt to schedule your top elective choices; however, an alternate elective may need to be scheduled if your choice is full

  • You may be scheduled for Intensive Reading, Intensive Math, or Dev. Language (ESOL) depending on most current FCAT scores. These courses may replace one or more of your elective choices

  • Please do not choose an intensive class as an elective – placement in Intensive Reading and/or Intensive Math is mandated by the FLDOE and/or Osceola District Schools and will be scheduled by your counselor

Please Understand…

  • Only if:

  • Course is in schedule twice

  • Already taken the course

  • Incorrect course sequence

  • These are NOTreasons for a change:

  • Teacher change

  • Do not like elective

  • Different lunch

When School Starts…Can I Get a Schedule Change????

  • Students will hear presentation and receive materials (dates vary by school)

  • Students will choose 1 major and 6 electives

  • Students will discuss selections with parents and complete course selection form (some schools may register same day)

  • Students will meet with counselor to finalize schedule – come prepared with completed registration form including signatures

  • May 21 – Last day to make a change!

One More Time…



It’s the first step in your successful transition to high school

Forever Bulldogs

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