State of Wisconsin Department of Corrections  Sex Offender Registration  Notification   Act 5 Law Enforcement Training

State of Wisconsin Department of Corrections Sex Offender Registration Notification Act 5 Law Enforcement Training PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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1994: Jacob Wetterling Act. Sex Offender Website Access. General Public Websitewww.widocoffenders.orgSearch by Name or Zip CodeLaw Enforcement WebsiteWILENET (under Features)*includes Juvenile Information

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State of Wisconsin Department of Corrections Sex Offender Registration Notification Act 5 Law Enforcement Training

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1. State of Wisconsin Department of Corrections Sex Offender Registration & Notification Act 5 Law Enforcement Training

2. 1994: Jacob Wetterling Act

3. Sex Offender Website Access General Public Website Search by Name or Zip Code Law Enforcement Website WILENET (under Features) *includes Juvenile Information & address changes within 10/30 days Most Wanted Website National Sex Offender Registry

4. 18,954 Registrants (as of 11/17/06) 90 % of registrants are adults Adults OR Juveniles registered solely b/c of a Juvenile Adjudication = 1,822 *18 or Older = 1,523 *Under Age 18 = 299 & dropping (as of 11/10/06)

5. On or After DECEMBER 25, 1993 Convicted Adjudicated Committed Incarcerated On Supervision Others: Out-of state, Federal, Tribal, Military

8. Juvenile Registration Exemptions: WI Act 130 Found Guilty or adjudicated delinquent of 1st or 2nd Degree SA of Child or Repeated Acts of SA of Same Child Offender not yet 19 at the time the crime was committed The offender not > than 4 years older or 4 years younger than victim Victim was not under age 12 No threat of force or force involved Ceasar G Case (June 2004) The WI Supreme Court said the Juvenile Court may Impose & then Stay the imposition of Sex Offender Registration in delinquency proceedings - Statute 938.34(16). In deciding, the Court should consider the seriousness of the offense as well as the factors in 938.34 & 301.45(1m), which are substantially the same.


10. Information to be Reported by the Registrant Residence Employment & Volunteer School -Changes must be reported within 10 days

11. NONCOMPLIANCE Violation is a Class H Felony Failing to Initially Register Failing to return Letters Providing false information Failure to report for photo Failure to update change in: Residence Employment/Volunteer School

12. 1996: Megan Kanka Law

13. Special Bulletin Notifications (SBN-Adults Only) -All two strike offenders -Chapter 980 Sexual Predators -Discretionary

14. Notification Process Adults: * 30 days prior to release, DOC notifies the Chief & Sheriff of the SBNS release date * A CORE team meets to assist LE in making a notification level decision & notification is then carried out Juveniles: *LE initiates a CORE Team upon notification by either DJC conducting face-to-face contact, notification by a County Case Worker, or by checking SORP Website

15. CORE TEAMS Adults: PD, Sheriff, DA or V/W, DCC Sup & Agent, SORP Specialist, Others Juveniles: PD, Sheriff, DA or V/W, DJC Sup & Agent or County Case worker (whichever is applicable), SORP Specialist *LE should obtain the Court Report from County Admin Caution: Confidential Release needed if anyone is from outside of LE, DOC, or any other agency covered by Statute exemption

16. Levels of Notification (Adult or Juvenile) Level 1: LE Only -release of info may identify the victim Level 2: Targeted -LE, daycares, senior centers, victim Level 3: Widespread - flyers, newspaper, TV, community mtg *remember: community notification should be based on sexual dangerousness & only SA adjudication can be discussed when referring to juveniles

17. Community Notification Meetings Handouts & Note cards upon entry Moderator: sets tone & rules SORP Specialist DCC Supervisor LE: Protective Behaviors Question/Answer

18. Adam Walsh Federal Protection Act Signed July 2006: Provides $ for Marshalls, Fugitive Task Forces, ICAC. Additional $ if enacted within 3 years Changes in Registry information must be made within 3 days Tier I, II, III offenders Annual, 6 month, or 3 month face-to-face registration 15 year, 25 year, or Lifetime Registration Fingerprints, palm prints, photocopy of DL, criminal hx to include date of arrest, supv status, warrants National software program (similar to NSOR)

19. WI ACT 431 Lifetime GPS for Serious Child SOs (1st & 2nd Deg SA Child, Rep SA Same Child) 980 Sexual Predator in Red Font Conditional Release conditions Conditional Release court date, place, time Judges Name

20. Global Positioning System To begin 07/07

21. Changes in the Law 03 WI Act 53 (9/5/03) Non-Compliance went from a Misdemeanor to a Class H Felony 301.47: 03 WI Act 54 You may not change your name nor identify yourself by another name. Class H Felony WI AB 14 Mandated address changes to be part of LE website 948.13 Prohibits SOs convicted of serious child sex crimes from working/volunteering with minors under the age of 16. (work or interact primarily w/ children) Class F Felony 948.14: ACT 432: Effective 6/6/06 Registrants may not intentionally capture a representation (photograph) a minor under the age of 17, unless they have written consent from the minors parent, legal custodian, or guardian. Class I Felony.

22. Changes in the Law Cont.. 5/17/05: Amies Law ~ allows LE to release Juvenile info 12/1/05: SAFE initiative ~ addresses added 6/6/06: Act 430 (Jessicas Law) ~ 25 yr mandatory minimum for SOs convicted of certain sex crimes against children 4/20/06:WI Act 271~> max penalty for person convicted of 1st Degree SA for the second time to Life w/o parole 6/1/06: WI Act 275~4th Deg SA, Exposing to Child, L&L must submit DNA 6/6/06: Act 436~Amends definition of intoxicant under 2nd Degree SA to include alcohol 6/6/06: WI Act 433~> penalty for possession of child porn 7/1/07: WI Act 431~Lifetime GPS on certain child SOs

23. WI SORP vs. Other States Wisconsin is ranked #7 among states with the most registered sex offenders Behind California, Texas, Michigan, Florida, New York & the state of Washington Compare to: District of Columbia:621 North Dakota: 879 Wyoming: 924 There are 563,806 registered SOs in the US

24. Compliance Rates WI SOR = ~ 89% National = ~ 75% WI 1 of 2 states to receive an A from Megan Kanka watchdog group. The only state in the Midwest to get above a D

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