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Ilgın Külekçi Adrian De Miguel Simon Lura Cuccu Simon Tirkel Ece Üstün PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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GEZI AS A GIFT AS A PARK [ Remapping Istanbul ]. Ilgın Külekçi Adrian De Miguel Simon Lura Cuccu Simon Tirkel Ece Üstün. PARK as a natural gift. 1. naturally

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Ilgın Külekçi Adrian De Miguel Simon Lura Cuccu Simon Tirkel Ece Üstün

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[Remapping Istanbul]

Ilgın Külekçi

Adrian De Miguel Simon

Lura Cuccu

Simon Tirkel

Ece Üstün

PARK as a naturalgift

1. naturally

A park in a crowded city could be seen as a natural gift. It creates a common green area which allows citizens to enjoy the weather without getting out of the city.  With its spaciousness and wideness,  it offers free space to move, to sit, to relax and to spend more time outside. It can also be considered as a combination of free space and free time.

PARK as a politicalgift

2. socially&politically

Thereconstructionprojectwhich is presented as a hugegiftandhard work. Socialandpoliticalcontroloverthiscommonareatriedtoconvertthe park into a commercialcenter: to a designed/controlled/walledshoppingcenter.


The reconstruction project is not welcomed. And it is rejected by citizens. After anoccupyto Gezi Park, the government reevaluated the whole area of Taksim, and made a new distribution of power control. After taking-back Gezi Park from the chapullers, the municipality closed it and opened with its new decorated style after 23 days. But it is taken back in a few hours, and then reopened. The opening and closing deal continued according to citizens’ attitudes and new events. So the citizens should be proper to merit Gezi Park.


Gezi Park createsitsborderswithpolicemenjustwherethegreenarea is completed, andtheopeningandclosingwarning is set bythepublictension, anddecidedbygovernment.



In Istanbul most of the parks were gardens of several palaces. They were offered to citizens by sultans or by municipality and became public areas. But because of their architectural properties as a part of a palace, they have walls and doors. So they can be shut down and opened.

Theycould not be integrated directlywithin the city and they are not natural extensions of the urban life, since they are not designed as urban parks. Gezi Park and Maçka Park are designed parks but they also have walls and doors



Area surrounding Taximand Maçka Park

Maçka Park

Taxim SquareGezi Park

Conceptualanalysis of the area

GEZİ and MACKA PARK topographicalobstacles

GEZİ and MACKA PARK topographicalobstacles

Maçka Park has its frontiers through the route, and a decorated entrance. The topographical character might also obstruct the daily usage.

In conclusion, we can question

what people deserve for free in a city

and the consummation and the assessment of the ‘urban gift’

and the power control of the gift owner

-reformulating by adorning and offering as improvements

-the function change of several places in Taksim: re-taking the public places: Taşkışla, AKM, Gümüşsuyu, İnönü Stadium

-new projections

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