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By Aaron Wright. Chaos Project. In order to understand the concept behind this show you must first understand the Multiverse Theory.

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In order to understand the concept behind this show you must first understand the Multiverse Theory

According to this theory there are an endless number of universes which house everything, from worlds with things, human beings can’t possibly comprehend to the worlds of fictional stories


In this particular multiverse the worlds can occasionally merge. This process is slow beginning with the worlds being stuck together and eventually having their contents spill into one to the other.

Though the universes resist this event, once the process begins the, it cannot be stopped without outside influence

This is the situation that the universe that Chaos takes place in, is in


However there is a race of inter-universal beings that overseer the universes and seek to keep these merges from occurring these beings have the power to influence the flow of universes through the multiverse. They send emissaries to worlds that are in the process of merging to stop it

Let’s refer to them as Overseers


If the merge is in an early enough stage then the Overseer can simple pull the worlds apart

But if the connection is too strong they are unable to

In which case the natural flow and timeline of the world most be distorted causing the world to strengthen its resistance to the merge allowing the Overseer to pull the worlds apart

But if the Overseer goes into the universe and disrupts things himself, his existence would cause a anomaly in the world that even he can’t undo, since the Overseer is of an non-universal nature

The process of fixing a universe can be somewhat complicated

In order to avoid compromising all the worlds involved in the merge he can go into only one of the worlds and send things from that world into the others and have them distort the timeline instead, allowing for only one world to be compromised


The universe of Chaos is at the center of an enormous cluster of universes all in the process of merging with it. At this point the bonds are too strong for a basic operation, but its early enough that the contents have yet to breach. An Overseer who we call Celestial is sent to fix the problem, he goes into the universe of Chaos and plans to find four people to give powers to and send them into the other universes to disrupt the timeline so he can fix it.

series premiere
Series Premiere

The show starts off, by showing the four main charactersin their everyday lives, each one having a characteristic that few or no one knows about

Celestial decides to test them, so he approaches each of them and tells them that he will give them powers to do see what they do with them

Each of them uses their powers in a righteous, albeit violent, way taking down major crime organizations in the process

Celestial reappears and tells them that they performed well and fills them in to what’s going on and what must be done, afterwards he gives them time to prepare for their new jobs, and they decide to call themselves CHAOS Squadron


From that point on the majority of the episodes involve having the team go into other dimensions which take the forms of worlds from other franchises

The characters will be able to take weapons/powers/technology/creatures/etc. from each world they visit for example hidden blade, gravity hammer, etc.

For certain worlds there will be restrictions, for example in Assassin’s Creed the team will not be able to use magic or modern weaponry; show-wise so that they aren’t too overpowered, lore-wise because the worlds resist outside influence that too heavily disrupts the flow of its reality with its mere existence

For all world’s except DC/Mar. we will not use any of the original characters, and instead recreating the setting and adding references

season one finale
Season One Finale

For the season finale, there would be a breach where character from the DC and Marvel universes come into the world of Chaos, and at first defeat the team, but then the team decides to gather all the resources they’ve collected from all the worlds, and design themselves ultimate load outs and outfits for maximum destructive force and defeat the super heroes/villains

season two
Season Two

For the second season, four female characters will make their way into the show one by one, and for the finale the guys will get stuck in one of the worlds they go into and the girls manage to persuade Celestial to give them powers and let them go into the world and try and save them

further story arcs
Further Story Arcs

For the last three seasons, and any thing else, we would work out the rough more specific details when the time comes, but more likely than not it would involve our own, more original story lines

why this show will be successful
Why this show will be Successful

There are four things that this show can use to gain publicity and popularity that most ideas wouldn’t have the advantage of, and a fifth more conventional thing that combined will make this series very successful

the announcement trailer
The Announcement Trailer

In order to create a hype for the show we would premier a trailer featuring all the character with their ultimate load outs. This trailer would hopefully be able to be premiered at SNAFU and if it impresses Monty Oum he may be willing to share it through social media