Welcome to uiuc home of the center of excellence for airport technology
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Welcome to UIUC Home of the Center of Excellence for Airport Technology - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome to UIUC Home of the Center of Excellence for Airport Technology. “…we can see a long way in all directions…. “Our commerce, our ideas, come and go in all directions…. “Here there are no barriers…no rigid patterns of thought…”. Surveying the Boneyard Creek.

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Welcome to UIUC Home of the Center of Excellence for Airport Technology

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Welcome to UIUCHome of the Center of Excellence for Airport Technology

“…we can see a long way in all directions…

“Our commerce, our

ideas, come and go

in all directions…

“Here there are no barriers…no rigid patterns of thought…”

Surveying the Boneyard Creek

Urbana boarding house residents

John Milton Gregory

First regent of the University of Illinois

“True education is always liberal.”

Altgeld Hall (1897)

Served as the University’s first library (but was quickly outgrown)

Grainger Engineering Library (1994)

The photoelectric photometer

First used in the University’s Astronomical Observatory

  • Electrical Engineering Professor Joseph Tykociner invents the first sound-on-film technology through a double feature motion picture that included ringing a bell and reading the Gettysburg Address. Tykociner's invention is still used for sound on film today.

  • Physics Professor, Donald Kerst, invented the first betatron and used it to determine the basic properties of uranium and plutonium for the Manhattan Project.


John Bardeen1908-1991

1956 Nobel Prize for Physics with W.H. Brattain and W. Shockley for the invention of the transistor and the 1972 Nobel Prize with L.N. Cooper and J.R. Schrieffer for the theory of superconductivity

Made the compact disc possible, and invented Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs)

Nick Holonyak, Jr.

Steve Dorner, developer of Eudora

NCSA team and Marc Andreesendeveloped first graphical browser in 1993

The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Our proud history

Arthur N. Talbot

  • Pioneer in concrete research and construction

  • Author of University of Illinois Bulletin No. 1 “Tests of Reinforced Concrete Beams”

  • In 1890 he was appointed as the first head of the Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (TAM) Department

  • S.S. Arthur Newell Talbot World War II concrete steamship

Hardy Cross

  • Developed the method of moment distribution for statically indeterminate frames which revolutionized structural analysis

Nathan M. Newmark

  • Civil Engineering Professor Nathan Newmark designed the first earthquake-proof skyscraper, the 600-foot Latino-American Tower in Mexico City

  • Chairman of Digital Computer Lab (1947-57) during the development of one of the first supercomputers (ILLIAC-II)

Notable Figures in CE History

  • Ralph Peck

    • Pioneer in foundation engineering

  • Ven T. Chow

    • Founding father of channel hydraulics

John B. Webb

Clement C. Williams

Frederick H. Newell

Ira O. Baker

Engineering Facilities and Landmarks

Beckman Institute

Engineering Hall and the Alma Mater

Grainger Engineering Library

Campus Landmarks

Current Researchin CEE

Advanced Transportation Loading System (ATLaS)

  • The ATLaS simulates wheel loads on pavements


  • Network for Earthquake Engineering Simulation (NEES)

  • Multi-Axial Full-scale Sub-Structuring Testing & Simulation Facility (MUST-SIM)

TARP and River models

  • Hydrosystems researchers in the department are developing technology for Chicago’s Tunnel and Reservoir plan (TARP) and the Chicago River








Q2 +



Q2 +




  • Water quality research

Other major research centers at UIUC

  • Center for Advanced Cement Based Materials (ACBM)

  • Mid-America Earthquake Center

…the next endeavor

Thank you

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