Internships at illinois valley community college
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Internships at Illinois Valley Community College. IVCC Internships. Overview. An internship is…

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Internships at Illinois Valley Community College

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  • An internship is…

    exposure to the real world of work.  The knowledge and skills learned in the classroom and laboratory setting can be applied to real life situations confronting a person while working in the field.  Students should take this opportunity to showcase themselves in front of people working in the employment environment.  In this way, they can develop the confidence and self-assurance helpful in obtaining employment upon completion of their educational experience.  The employer will be able to judge first hand if they wish to offer the intern (student) full-time employment when the student graduates from IVCC.  The experience provided during the internship better prepares the student for the college courses remaining in the student's program of study by giving relevancy and meaning to the knowledge and skills taught in the classroom.


Internship objectives
Internship Objectives

  • The student will be given the opportunity to prepare for full-time employment with actual on-the-job training.

  • The student will experience the opportunity to apply college classroom learning under working conditions.

  • The student will have the opportunity to evaluate the job as to whether he or she has chosen the correct career path for future employment.

  • The student will be able to more fully develop those competencies and attitudes needed for entry-level employment and future advancement opportunities in the student's selected field of employment.

  • The student will have the opportunity to earn a wage while learning on the job (some internships may be non-paid learning experiences).


Internship programs
Internship Programs

  • Internships required in these IVCC programs:

    • Computer Information Systems

    • Computer Aided Engineering and Design

    • Business Administration

    • Accounting

    • Computer Network Administration

    • Electronics Technology

    • Marketing


Student information
Student Information

  • Requirements

    • Must have completed at least half of their program coursework.

    • Must have a GPA of 2.0 or higher in completed program-related coursework.

    • Must be willing and able to work a minimum of 225 hours for a three-credit-hour course.


Steps in your internship
Steps In Your Internship

  • Be enrolled in a program requiring an internship

  • Contact the instructor that is in charge of the internship in your program for approval before registering for class

  • Obtain an internship package from Career Services.

  • Actively look for an employer willing to take on the internship responsibilities. You can use a current employer.

  • Complete the internship by abiding by all the student responsibilities


Student responsibilities
Student responsibilities

  • While on the job, the student should perform in a manner which not only helps to maintain the quality of the business, but the standard of conduct as prescribed by that business.  Interns should always be mindful that they are representing the college, as well as themselves, in dealing with the organization.  Future internship opportunities can only be maintained with this organization if the student participating in the internship conducts him/herself in a manner consistent with properly recognized actions and behaviors.


Student responsibilities1
Student responsibilities

  • The student should contact the program instructor to express interest in enrolling in the program internship course.

  • The student should secure an internship position with an organization by working with the Career Service Center, the program instructor, and working on his/her own to see what internship opportunities are available in their program of study.

  • The student should obtain the necessary forms from the instructor, the internship web site, or by picking up an internship packet from the Career Service Center.

  • The student should present to the employer, in person or by mail, a cover letter indicating interest in the internship position, and a resume.


Student responsibilities cont
Student Responsibilities (cont.)

  • After obtaining the position, the student should notify the program instructor so he/she can allow the student to enroll in the internship class. The student will work at the internship site a minimum of 225 hours during the internship.

  • The  student must complete weekly reports and submit them to the program instructor. The student is responsible for giving the employer internship materials and forms to complete.

  • The student must abide by all rules, regulations, and policies of the employer and Illinois Valley Community College.

  • The student must understand he/she represents Illinois Valley Community College.  Good attendance, punctuality, attitude, dependability, and quality of work may affect the employer's consideration for continued participation in the internship.


Employer responsibilities
Employer Responsibilities

  • The employer agrees to provide meaningful work-related assignments that will enhance the student's learning objectives in his/her instructional program.

  • The employer agrees to assess and evaluate the job performance of the student during and at the conclusion of the internship experience.

  • The employer agrees to meet together with the student and the program instructor if required.

  • The employer agrees to observe all local, state, and federal laws pertaining to this internship.

  • The employer reserves the right to nullify this internship agreement within five days after consultation with the program instructor.


Forms used in the internships
Forms used in the internships

  • Internship agreement form

    • Form to be completed by student and employer and returned to the program instructor at the beginning of internship

  • Student weekly report forms

    • This form is to be completed by the intern and returned to the program instructor on a weekly basis

  • Final student internship report

    • Form to be completed by the intern and returned to the program instructor at the end of the internship

  • Internship employment hours verification

    • Form to be completed by the employer and returned to the program instructor at the end of internship

  • Employers internship rating sheet

    • Form to be completed by the employer and returned to the program instructor at the end of internship


Faq frequently asked questions by students
FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions by Students

  • Can I find my own internship?

    • Yes, you can find your own internship as long as it relates to your field of study.  Your program coordinator will provide approval when the work site is acceptable.

  • Do I get paid for the internships.

    • Some internships are paid positions and some are not.

  • What does the employer expect of me when applying for an internship?

    • The employer has the same expectations of an intern as if you were applying for a full-time job.  A resume and cover letter, along with an interview and professional attire is expected.


Faq frequently asked questions by students1
FAQ:Frequently Asked Questions by Students

  • When can I enroll for the internship?

    • You will need to complete a minimum of 50% of your classes in your program to have the skills necessary for the internship.  In addition, you should verify your readiness with your program coordinator and review the requirements in the college catalog.

  • What are the academic requirements for the internship?

    • You must have completed the required courses and have a GPA of 2.0 or higher.


Faq frequently asked questions by students2
FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions by Students

  • What should I do if the job I currently hold may satisfy the internship requirements?

    • Confirm with the employer and program coordinator that this job can be turned into an internship and fill out the proper paperwork.

  • How will my performance be evaluated?

    • The employer and the internship coordinator will evaluate you.  The employer assists by completing a performance appraisal at the end of the internship experience.


Faq frequently asked questions by students3
FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions by Students

  • What additional work is required of me while serving this internship?

    • You must complete weekly internship logs, along with a final report, explaining what you accomplished and learned from this experience.

  • Can I receive credit hours worked for the past three months retroactively?

    • No, we are not able to provide recognition for work completed outside the agreed upon timeframe.


Faq frequently asked questions by students4
FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions by Students

  • How will I be penalized if I do not complete the required 225 hours of work by the end of the semester?

    • You will receive an "Incomplete" for the class and must then finish the 225 hours of work by the end of the following semester.  You must contact your program coordinator to get this approved.

  • What are my options if I begin an internship and find it is not a fit for me?

    • It is important for you to discuss this situation with your program coordinator as soon as you are aware of a conflict.  You can withdraw from the internship class or find another internship that suits your needs.


Faq frequently asked questions by students5
FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions by Students

  • What should I do if my work supervisor and I do not get along?

    • If you can not rectify this situation by talking with your employer, talk with your program coordinator as soon as possible.  You may be able to find a different internship to complete the semester.


The internship experience
The Internship Experience

  • Barb Bouxsein, a graduate from the Computer Aided Engineering program says …

    “An hourly pay internship opportunity came to me through the Dislocated Workers Center. I was able to work three days a week and continue my classes.  With the help from instructors and the DWC, I enjoyed the experience very much. The business treated me as a professional. I got to work with little supervision, and after all my studies I feel I was readily prepared for the internship. I continued working there after graduation through the summer. “


Completing forms online
Completing Forms Online

  • Both the student and the employer can complete the forms online by visiting the Internship Coordinators web site.


Contact information
Contact information

  • Career Planning and Placement At IVCC at 224 0502

  • Bob Reese for internships in

    • Business Administration

    • Marketing

  • Gina Elias for internships in

    • Computer Network Administration

    • Computer Information Systems

  • Dorene Perez (224 0221) for internships in

    • Computer Aided Engineering and Design

  • Jim Gibson for internships ins

    • Electronics Technology

    • Manufacturing Technology

  • Mike Sankovich for internships in

    • Accounting


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