Tracy rolstad tss chair
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Tracy Rolstad TSS Chair. Data Needs for Simulation of GIC Feb 2014 Mostly Background…Data Needs List Is Short. Why are we discussing this?. Because we are being told to do this DHS “Jason” group report (Space Weather)

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Tracy Rolstad TSS Chair

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Tracy rolstad tss chair

Tracy RolstadTSS Chair

Data Needs for Simulation of GIC

Feb 2014

Mostly Background…Data Needs List Is Short

Why are we discussing this

Why are we discussing this?

  • Because we are being told to do this

    • DHS “Jason” group report (Space Weather)


      • The Jason group is very influential in guiding National Policy…and they did in the case of GMD

    • Enter FERC/NERC

      • As directed by “We the people…”

      • In the form of the US Congress (hold the political debate please!...)

Tracy rolstad tss chair

November 2011




    • Independent group of scientists which advises the US Gov’t on science and technology.

      • JASON members all have security clearances (TS/SCI). Comprised of physicists, biologists, chemists, oceanographers, mathematicians, and computer scientists. Selected for scientific brilliance. Have included 11 Novel Prize laureates and several dozen members of the US Academy of Sciences.


Jason finding

JASON Finding

  • Ok…these folks are very smart and very well connected…and rather level headed

    • “Because mitigation has not been widely applied to the U.S. electric grid, severe damage is a possibility, but a rigorous risk assessment has not been done. We are not convinced that the worst-case scenario of [26] is plausible. Nor is the analysis it is based on, using proprietary algorithms, suitable for deciding national policy.”

Politics in action

Politics In Action

EOP ???

FERC Order

779 (May 2013)


Report (Nov 2011)

NERC EOP-010-01


NERC EOP-010-01


FERC Assessment

(Apr 2012)

Operations is up first

Operations is Up First

  • FERC Order 779

    • Docket No. RM12-22-000; Order No. 779

      • EOP-010-01 R1 (03/24/2014)


Queue the rigorous assessment

Queue the Rigorous Assessment

  • FERC Order 779

    • Docket No. RM12-22-000; Order No. 779

      • WECC might be able to get data in advance of need…if we act NOW!

Seems to me that assessments involve modeling

and simulation

Resources on gmd

Resources on GMD



  • FERC


  • NERC


Foundational approach

Foundational Approach

  • Measure GMD/GIC

    • Generally speaking you measure things that you might wish to model (or assess)

      • Doable…but who HAS done this?

      • BPA has in the NW

      • Anyone else?

Qualitrol avista uses these

QUALITROL (Avista uses these)

Modeling capabilities

Modeling Capabilities

  • Can WECC do this now?

    • Absolutely!

      • GE PSLF

      • PTI PSS/E

      • PowerWorld Simulator

      • Others…

Gmd data needs credit to pti

GMD Data Needs (Credit to PTI)

  • What WECC needs

    • Substations (as an object)

    • Location (accurate Lat/Long)

    • Grounding resistance

    • Transformer Winding resistance

    • Vector Group (D-Y, Y-Y, etc)

    • GIC Blocking

    • # of cores (i.e. legs)

    • K factor (relates DC ground current to MVAr losses)

Details on transformers

Details on Transformers

Autotransformer? Yes/No

Cores legs on transformers

Cores/Legs on Transformers

  • Apparatus Engineers know this…

3 legs or cores

5 legs or cores






Station grounding resistance

Station Grounding Resistance

Grounding Resistance

Probably not digital

Paper copy somewhere



Ohmic value < 10 ?

Use 100 foot test?

Tracy rolstad tss chair


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