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ELIGAH MOHAMMED . Born in Sandersville Elijah Poole ( 1897-1975 ) P ersonally witnessed lynching s in 1907 and 1921 M arried Clara Evans in 1919 and moved north to Detroit in 1923 Jobless and alcoholic until 1931, when he met Fard Muhammad .

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Born in SandersvilleElijah Poole ( 1897-1975) Personally witnessed lynchings in 1907 and 1921Married Clara Evans in 1919 and moved north to Detroit in 1923 Jobless and alcoholic until 1931, when he met Fard Muhammad.

elijah s depiction of fard muhammad
Elijah’s depiction of Fard Muhammad
  • Fard Muhammad was born in Mecca in 1877 and given the gift of prophecy; he had a black father and a white (although Muslim) mother; he
  • acquired university degrees, spoke 16 languages and was assigned to bring the black people in America their religion
  • after 3 years establishing his community, his work was done and he appointed Elijah to be his messenger; it was impossible for anyone to pray to Fard/Allah without going through Elijah

 Elijah Poole attended a speech on Islam and black empowerment by Wallace D. Fard

  • Fard was arrested during a police investigation of a ritual murder
  • Releasedandhe leftDetroit. He relocated to Chicago and continued to oversee the movement from Temple No. 2.
  • “He turned over leadership of the growing Detroit group to Elijah Muhammad, and the Allah Temple of Islam changed its name to the Nation of Islam.”
  •  Elijah Muhammad and Wallace Fard continued to communicate until 1934

In a private moment with Fard, Elijah asked, perhaps simply to hear again what he already believed, “Who are you, and what is your real name?” He was hardly disappointed when the revered Muslim replied, “My name is Mahdi; I am God, I came to guide you into the right path that you may be successful and see the hereafter.” (Clegg, 22)


Following his return to Chicago, Elijah Muhammad was firmly in charge of the Nation of Islam. The organization had retained its membership level during his imprisonment, and its membership increased after his return. From four temples in 1946, the Nation of Islam grew to 15 by 1955. By 1959, there were 50 temples in 22 states.[16]

the knowledge of self and others
The knowledge of self and others
  • God came into being as a Black man
  • “In a sense, every black person was a deity insofar as their inherent goodness brought them close to the essence of God, whose proper name was Allah. Free of sin and iniquity, the world that the black man had constructed in Asia was nothing less than paradise.” (Clegg, 44)
  • 13 tribes, tribe of Shabazz most resilient of remaining 12, moved to Africa 55000 years
origins of the white man
Origins of the white man
  • 8400 years ago, a new god, Yacub, was born outside of Mecca; he would aim to destroy the Black Nation; his plan was to breed a people that would be white skinned and be able to dominate the Black Nation
  • he was banished with his 59’999 followers to an island in the Mediterranean where he carried out crude cross-breeding and produced white people
  • in the year 4000BCE, 600 years after he was expelled, he attacked Mecca; after a short period of victory he was defeated and his whites were expelled to Europe, where it proceeded to degenerate slowly