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Elevated Elegance - Decorating Your Urban Condo

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Elevated Elegance - Decorating Your Urban Condo - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Elevated Elegance - Decorating Your Urban Condo We are real estate agents specializing in High Rise Condos. We help literally hundreds of high rise & loft condominium buyers, sellers, renters and landlords. You can reach us at (480) 510-8755 or visit our website at Will Daly, Broker We Know Urban Realty, LLC 5564 N 12th Street Phoenix, AZ 85014 (480) 510-8755 Email: [email protected]

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There\'s a puzzle of colliding elements to untangle in each room, a challenge of clashing influences that does nothing to reflect your unique lifestyle.

Unravel this ambiguous three-dimensional puzzle by imprinting walls and floors with items of decor that reflect your character.


Create an initial outline that works with existing materials and the fundamental theme of the condo.


In the depth of your mind, back when you first saw the interior, you were already unconsciously forming ideas for making this space your own.

Recall those notions now, bringing them to life to reinvent your high rise condo with a vitality born of a desire for elegant living.


Hanging your art prints and family photographs around the condo is merely a prelude to claiming impersonal space as part of your stylish home.


Your next steps need to be more dramatic, shaping your surroundings with imaginative choices that resonate deeply with your personality.


Compose this new layout with an eye toward encompassing existing structural composition, working with the current architectureNOT against it.


If a room is soaked in contemporary designs, blend it with muted but modern accents and your personal belongings.

When living in a renovated warehouse, visualize the industrial surfaces of brick and mortar, combining them with modern art and glossy shelves that emphasize a minimalist appearance.

For example, repurposed vintage suitcases can easily be transformed into eclectic chests at the foot of your bed …


working as counterpoints for modern elements, mashing Victorian decor with modern style perhaps adding an underlying rustic theme to tie everything neatly together.


By all means, embrace an uncompromising approach to your interior design project, but keep that initial outline firmly to the front of your mind.

Harmony and flow can quickly fall into discord if that vision becomes tainted.


Mixing eclectic and modern influences in style does work, but keep it subtle.

Use a sophisticated, light touch, supporting the decor with accents that won\'t overwhelm your singular vision for a unique high rise condo.


Define the primary character of your urban condo, placing subdued art pieces as companions to high-tech components …


… softening the edges of technology, enabling a modern television to be enfolded into the overall theme.

… in such a way as to funnel visitors to living areas where light and shadow mix to create an illusion of added depth.
Plan intelligently, using your innate sense of spatial awareness to distribute decor evenly.

There\'s NO reason why everyone can\'t have a piece of that wish list for sophisticated decor as long as compromise is acceptable.


In fact, a single design contribution in a home environment can be unimaginative and flat in its own way without the input of others.

Integrate a little of everyone\'s character and feel your urban condo come alive with vibrant energy.
If you’re looking for a place to rent, buy or lease, We Know Urban Realty specializes exclusively in urban properties and know the ins and outs.
Will Daly, Broker

We Know Urban Realty, LLC

5564 N 12th Street

Phoenix, AZ 85014

(480) 510-8755

Email: [email protected]