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Student Achievement Is on the Rise - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Student Achievement Is on the Rise. Our District provides a quality, well -rounded education for students Student achievement on statewide exams has steadily improved over the last four years

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Presentation Transcript
Student achievement is on the rise
Student Achievement Is on the Rise

  • Our District provides a quality, well-rounded education for students

  • Student achievement on statewide exams has steadily improved over the last four years

  • Over the last couple of years our students and teachers have demonstrated exemplary work resulting in several Academic Excellence Awards for:

    • Elementary Staff Development – 2013

    • Dual Immersion Program – 2013

    • Common Core State Standards Implementation – 2014

    • Elementary Health and Fitness – 2014

    • Accelerating Academic Achievement Academy – 2014

Neighborhood high school highlights
Neighborhood High School Highlights

  • Our high schools offer great academic and extracurricular programs that prepare students to succeed in college and careers

  • Career Tech programs include:

    • Media Arts – TV/Video Production

    • Information Technology – Web Design

    • Animal Science

    • Landscape Design

    • Computer Graphics and Design

    • Journalism

    • Sports Therapy

    • Photography

    • Integrated Marketing Communications (new class starting in 2014-2015)

    • Robotics (new class starting in 2014-2015)

    • Microsoft IT Academy (starting in 2014-2015)

    • Ag STEM Academy (starting in 2014-2015)

  • The student governments at 2 of our 3 high schools have been recognized or received the Outstanding Leadership Program Award from the California Association of Student Leaders

  • Rivercrest Preparatory Online High School

Neighborhood elementary and middle school highlights
Neighborhood Elementary and Middle School Highlights

  • Our elementary and middle schools provide students with a great foundation in reading, writing, math and science

  • Our middle schools offer programs such as Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) and Advancement Via Independent Determination (AVID) to help prepare students for challenging academic programs in high school

  • Some of our schools offer “Extended Learning” which provides the opportunity for students to acquire skills through instruction or study outside of the classroom including:

    • Community service

    • Independent study

    • Internships

    • Performing groups

  • Elementary and middle schools also provide “Think Together”, a free afterschool program that provides homework help, enrichment and physical activities

Learning in safe and modern classrooms
Learning in Safe and Modern Classrooms

  • To help continue the great success of our students, we need to ensure classrooms provide a safe, modern learning environment

  • The District has completed a facility needs assessment to evaluate and prioritize repairs and improvements needed in the following areas:

    • Career Tech

    • Instructional technology

    • Safety

    • Structural renovations of aging buildings

    • ADA compliance

Facilities and technology advisory committee ftac
Facilities and Technology Advisory Committee (FTAC)

  • The District put together a 21-person committee comprised of board members, teachers, staff, parents and community members to help evaluate the facility and technology needs of our school

  • The committee was divided into 4 sub-committees, focusing on improvements and repairs in the following areas:

    • Classrooms

    • Foundation and Structural

    • Common Areas

    • Grounds and Athletic/Playgrounds

Facilities and technology advisory committee ftac1
Facilities and Technology Advisory Committee (FTAC)


Iris Nunez – Parent & Community Member

Daniel Cornejo – Teacher, Parent & Community Member

Sandra Franco – Parent & Community Member

Ricardo Solis –Community Member, Parent & JUSD employee


Vickie Hawkins – Teacher

Darrel Walker – Teacher

Rob Liddle – Teacher

District Staff

Bill Elzig – Dir. of M & O

Pablo Ponce – Asst. Director of M & O

Josh Lewis –Director of Technology

Trent Hansen – District Employee (Dir. of Facility Planning and Dev.)

Joan Lauritzen – Head Start Coordinator & Community Member

Andy Huben – MS Principal

Karina Becerra-Murillo –E.S. Principal

Community Members

Bobby Hernandez – Board Member & Community Member

Brian Schafer – Board Member & Community Member

David Barnes – Community Member

Adriana Patlan –Community Member, JUSD Employee & Parent

Jaime Godoy – Community Leader (Water District)

Dan Rodriguez – Community Leader (Parks & Rec.)

Priority 1 and 2 needs
Priority 1 and 2 Needs

  • Facilities & Technology Advisory Committee has prioritized the needs of our facilities into 3 categories

    • Priority 1 (Projects that are necessary and immediate)

    • Priority 2 (Projects that should be done)

    • Priority 3 (Projects that JUSD would like to do)

  • Our priority 1 and 2 needs include:

    • Adding/updating Career Tech and instructional technology

    • Repairing aging roofs

    • Safety repairs and updates

    • Energy efficiency repairs

    • Modernizing classrooms where needed

Career tech needs
Career Tech Needs

  • Our high schools do a great job preparing students with the needed skills to compete for college and careers

  • To continue this success improvements to career tech classrooms and facilities are required

  • Needs include:

    • Updating aging science labs

    • Constructing high tech career development labs to support career and technical education

    • Adding computer labs to school sites

Instructional technology needs
Instructional Technology Needs

  • Skills in core academic programs are essential, but technological skills are becoming increasingly important as well

  • Classrooms need to be equipped with the infrastructure and learning technology that supports 21st-century learning

  • Needs include:

    • Upgrading aging computer labs

    • Installing modern network infrastructure

    • Addition of wireless capabilities to provide students greater access to the local school network and resources

    • Adding instructional technology to enhance learning in the classroom

Safety and security needs
Safety and Security Needs

  • Our schools need essential safety and security updates to continue ensuring campus safety

  • Needs include:

    • Updating fire and security systems

    • Fencing repairs and upgrades

    • Door safety lock repairs

    • ADA compliance updates

    • Exterior lighting

    • Repairing uneven and slippery concrete sidewalks

    • Repairing buildings and classrooms with dry rot and termite damage

Basic repair needs
Basic Repair Needs

  • Schools require basic repairs and upgrades to keep classrooms safe, clean, well-maintained and energy efficient

  • Needs include:

    • Repairing aging roofs

    • Replacing cracked or missing ceiling tiles

    • Replacing rusty plumbing, sinks and pipes

    • Replacing outdated heating and electrical systems for energy efficiency purposes

    • Upgrading aging bathrooms

    • Installing dual paned, energy efficient windows

    • Modernizing classrooms where needed

    • Modernizing school exteriors

Planned new development
Planned New Development

  • JUSD is projected to experience the construction of 4,123 residential units within our boundaries over the next 10 years

  • In preparation for this residential development, the District is considering building a new K-6 elementary school in the next 3-5 years in the Wineville and Bellegraveareas

  • Possible need for interim housing while school is being built

  • This would allow students in the new development to attend a neighborhood school, and prevent future overcrowding issues that could arise in our existing elementary schools

School bond a local solution to improve jusd schools
School Bond: A Local Solution to Improve JUSD Schools

  • The District is considering a bond measure to address the needs of our facilities.

  • The measure would provide funds to make improvements such as:

    • Upgrading classrooms, science labs and career tech programs to prepare students for today’s competitive job market

    • Ensuring students have access to instructional technology, labs and libraries that meet 21st-Century learning standards

    • Improving fire and security systems in every school

    • Installing, repairing and upgrading safety and systems

    • Improving access for students with disabilities

    • Repairing aging roofs, replacing old and inefficient water systems and repairing aging bathrooms

    • Upgrading to energy efficient features (i.e., dual paned windows, lighting, HVAC, etc.)

    • Modernizing classrooms where needed

Local control citizen oversight
Local Control, Citizen Oversight

  • The cost of the measure will be determined by the Board in the coming months

  • All money raised by this measure would stay in our Jurupa USD schools

  • None of the funds could be taken away by the State

  • An independent Citizens’ Oversight Committee, representing the community, would ensure all funds are spent properly

  • None of the funds could be used for administrators’ salaries, benefits or pensions

  • Local funding from a bond measure would help local schools qualify for state matching funds when they become available

We welcome your input and questions
We Welcome Your Input and Questions

  • As JUSD continues to evaluate the needs facing our facilities and a viable option for addressing these needs, we ask that you take the time to provide your feedback

  • Please complete the comment card that is being passed around

  • For more information about JUSD or our schools please visit