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Do you know your vocabulary?:D. By: Scarlett Haney. Click on the picture that best represents MOTION . Yep! The race flag is MOVING!:p. Nope!! The object MUST be moving(:. What is the best definition of ACCELERATION ?.

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what is the best definition of acceleration
What is the best definition of ACCELERATION?

The speeding up, slowing down, and changing direction of an object in motion.

The speeding up of an object.

The speeding up and changing direction of an object.

transformation is
Transformation is…

A change in science.

A change in the form of energy.

A change in EVERYTHING

kinetic energy is
Kinetic Energy is…

The energy an object has because of its motion.

The energy an object has because of its stillness.

Energy released kinetically.


Uhhuh! Those are waves… they have to do with science. The guy “waving” has nothing to do with science.

which best represents media or medium
Which best represents Media or Medium?

A substance in which a wave can travel.

A movie.

A substance in which a person can swallow.

a crest is
A crest is…

The lowest point of a wave.

A toothpaste.

The highest point of a wave.

a wavelength is
A wavelength is?...

The length of a wave.

The time of the wave.

The weight of a wave.