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How to plan mobile application development project?

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How to plan mobile application development project? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Over the past few years winklix has worked on dozens of android and iOS mobile application development projects.In this article we will share the few insight gained from the app we have developed till now.

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How to plan mobile application development project?

Over the past few years winklix has worked on dozens of android and iOS mobile application

development projects.In this article we will share the few insight gained from the app we have

developed till now:

Native App Vs Mobile Web?

Native app are coded according to the specific platform such as Android or iOS . They are usually

more expensive than designing a website . So the common question arises is " Why should be go for

a native kind of app " ? Here are some pros and cons for native kind of development:

- Rich Media : Audience get the ease of availibility for downloading multiple media files rather than

downloading over unreliable cell network.

-Offline Access: Apps can be accessed even while phone is not connected to internet.

-Focus : Apps can present full screen experience without creating the hindrance for writing hectic

website url\'s.

-Multi Screen Experience : Certain awesome advancement in technologies like development of

airplay by apple allows to present visuals on big screens also.

Mobile website may be proven as good alternative when:

-You are going out of your budgets.

-Hybrid app becomes necessary (Specially when combined with budget consideration)

-Files like media files are not so important on app.

Defining The Project

You must hire a mobile application designer and developer to explore endless possibilities out of the

mobile app specially when you are not sure about what you have to build because professional

mobile app developers have skilled knowledge of coding, screen mockups , and designing elements.

Be Prepared

Content Content Content !!

Content is the main thing while developing mobile applications. Write the best attracting content to

attract more people to download your app. Also assemble images , videos and other material as

required by you in such a way that that all user can get the most out of application.


Define Deliverable For Content And Media

Its usual that developer will work towards project finishing , but defining deadlines for finalisation of

design , media text and feedback are essential part for having a good app too. It is preferable that

better move on with the designing part if you have awesome content , clearly defined scenarios of

project and funding in your pockets.

Move Fast

Usually longer than few month in developing of app is not preferable , until and unless the project is

truly complex. Once you have content and plans ready for building app , you must move on with

designing part.

Also platform for iOS as well as android is continuously upgrading in a period of 3-6 months and

nearly about 70-80 % of the crowd upgrade their phone as soon as some new updates are available.

Surely building app on latest version will add on to your investment and let your app future proof.

Test Test Test

Make sure app developed by engineer must have been tested on real devices as it is next to

impossible to get the bugs and other problems until and unless application had been tested on real

mobile phones in live environment.

Winklix is also one of the best mobile application development company in Delhi , India having

experience of creating more than 300 + mobile application.

To get expert advice you can contact us , our customer care team consist of expert professional to

guide you towards rest of process and get the most out of mobile application development.