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August 1939:**Mother, Jack, Jakob, and Jadzia go to live with Grandfather Mandelbaum**September 1, 1939:Hitler invades PolandNovember, 1939:**Ordered to wear the Star of David**Jews could no longer attend school**December, 1939: Jack, his mother and Jakob went to live with mama's brother

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Surviving Hitler by Andrea Warren

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1. Surviving Hitler by Andrea Warren Jack’s Timeline

2. August 1939: **Mother, Jack, Jakob, and Jadzia go to live with Grandfather Mandelbaum **September 1, 1939: Hitler invades Poland November, 1939: **Ordered to wear the Star of David **Jews could no longer attend school **December, 1939: Jack, his mother and Jakob went to live with mama’s brother

3. **January, 1940: **Jews given a curfew **Jews forbidden to go to library or public events **Nazis used forced labor crews – Jack was paid by wealthier Jews who did not want to work April, 1940: Jack turned 13 April, 1941: Jack turned 14 **Began working for a Catholic electrician December, 1941: **Jack was living in a restricted area called a ghetto **Pearl Harbor was attacked on Dec. 7, 1941

4. June 14, 1942 – Feb. 1943: **Jack was sent to Blechhammer concentration camp in Germany – his hair was shaved, chemical disinfectant put over his body to prevent lice but still gets them, given the #16013; now 15 years old **meets Aaron who gives Jack extra food when he can **he learned to live by the rules and play the “game” to survive **Jack worked doing hard physical labor **given only thin soup and sawdust bread February, 1943: **Jack was moved to a new camp **Jack survived through typhus

5. Early 1943: **Jack was moved two more times **Gross-Rosen was worst camp Jack was in **Jack worked variety of jobs in camp Mid 1943: **Jack survived dysentery and narrowly escaped getting a shot that would have killed him Fall 1943: **Jack was transferred again **Jack met Moniek

6. May, 1944: **Hitler ordered all Hungarian Jews to camps **Jack is now 17 Early 1945: **worst winter of war **less food **Jack afraid he would starve to death **Jack and Moniek became cooks in camp – able to get extra food **prisoners issued monthly meal tickets **prisoners killed a starving horse for themselves and guards

7. **prisoners evacuated from Jack’s camp and led on death march to Doernhau Camp **Moniek was beaten up and separated from Jack **allowed only one cup of soup per day **5 or 6 weeks after arriving, Jack and others were free **Jack found Moniek

8. May, 1945-June, 1946: **May 7, 1945 – liberation day for Jack **Jack and Moniek helped free other prisoners **stayed in abandoned house in town – able to have real food, bathe, and get clean clothes **hitched a ride to Frankfurt and went to displaced person’s camp **Jack weighed only 80 pounds and had to have 7 teeth pulled

9. **Moniek reunited with 2 brothers and left Frankfurt **Jack moved into a private home **Found Arek Mandelbaum, a 2nd cousin, Uncle Sigmund, and Aunt Hinda **Uncle Sigmund had been in Auschwitz and transferred to Stutthoff where he learned Jack’s father was dead **Jack returned to Poland and Germany’s American sector to get food **found his home in Gydnia was occupied by strangers **Jack’s grandfather and his wife, Jadzia, his aunt and uncle, Mama, and Jakob were all dead

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