Maus Vocabulary Chapter 1: The Sheik

Maus Vocabulary Chapter 1: The Sheik PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Maus Vocabulary Chapter 2: The Honeymoon. Communist: classless, stateless (ex: Soviet Union)Conspiracy: committing an unlawful crimeHysterical: uncontrollable emotionDepressed: sad, gloomy, dejected, downcastSanitarium: medically supervised recuperationGoverness: a woman who is employed to take care of a child's upbringing, education, etc.Pogrom: an organized massacre, especially of JewsRiot: violent or wild disorderFrontier: boundary, border of countriesCataract: cloudiness of the eye 30386

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Maus Vocabulary Chapter 1: The Sheik

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1. Maus Vocabulary Chapter 1: The Sheik Sheik: irresistibly charming to women Textiles: cloth manufactured into fabric by weaving or knitting Bachelor: an unmarried man Hosiery: stockings Suicide: the intentional taking of one’s own life

2. Maus Vocabulary Chapter 2: The Honeymoon Communist: classless, stateless (ex: Soviet Union) Conspiracy: committing an unlawful crime Hysterical: uncontrollable emotion Depressed: sad, gloomy, dejected, downcast Sanitarium: medically supervised recuperation Governess: a woman who is employed to take care of a child’s upbringing, education, etc. Pogrom: an organized massacre, especially of Jews Riot: violent or wild disorder Frontier: boundary, border of countries Cataract: cloudiness of the eye that causes impairment of the vision or blindness

3. Maus Vocabulary Chapter 3: Prisoner of War Herring: type of fish Delicate: fragile, easily damaged Frostbite: injury to body after excessive exposure to extreme cold Drafted: a selection or drawing of people Torah: Jewish religious literature, law, and teaching from the Old Testament Parshas Truma: the week when the Torah is read; symbolic of charitable gifts coming Protectorate: a state or territory that is protected Recuperate: to recover and regain health

4. Maus Vocabulary Chapter 4: The Noose Tightens Noose: a loop with a running knot Gallstones: small, hard, abnormal mass that leads to pain and/or infection Zionist: a supporter of a Jewish movement to reestablish the Jewish homeland (Palestine/Israel) in response to anti-Semitism Convalescent Home: a home that takes care of injured or ill patients Deported: to expel from a country Suffocated: strangle; not allow air into the lungs Smuggle: to import/export goods secretly Vaguely: not clear

5. Maus Vocabulary Chapter 5: Mouse Holes Neurotic: emotionally unstable person Obscure: not clear; vague; uncertain Tragedy: disaster; fatal event; dreadful Hostility: unfriendliness; opposition Condolences: expression of sympathy Shrine: devoted to a person (normally holy) Bunkers: underground space Informer: a person who communicates or informs, especially for a reward

6. Maus Vocabulary Chapter 6: Mouse Trap Pragmatic: practical; deals with facts Caricature: distorted picture or description Pauper: a very poor person Senile: a decline in mental and physical abilities Outskirts: outlying areas; borders; fringes Yiddish: mixture of Hebrew and Slavic languages Commotion: agitation; noisy disturbance

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