Connections 9 3
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Gender Relations in Arab-speaking world - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Connections 9.3. Gender Relations in Arab-speaking world. How are men and women treated in Arab-speaking cultures related to Islam? How are women trying to modernize in Arab speaking cultures? What are cultural dimensions of the Arab culture?. Essential questions.

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Connections 9 3

Connections 9.3

Gender Relations in Arab-speaking world

Essential questions

How are men and women treated in Arab-speaking cultures related to Islam?

How are women trying to modernize in Arab speaking cultures?

What are cultural dimensions of the Arab culture?

Essential questions


Islamic Values – Poetry Activity related to Islam?

Group 1 = Adawiyya

Group 2 = Rumi

Group 3 = iqbal

Group 4 = Arabi

Group 5 = Ozak

Group 6 = Seder

Group 7 = al Horoun

Group 8 = al Shafi

Classic Poems

What values does your poem seem to be espousing?

As a class we will create a master list on chart paper of the values described by your poems.



How much Arabic do you speak? related to Islam?

How much Arabic do you speak worksheet

Make sure to underline any words you think may have an Arabic connection

Once you receive the answer sheet, answer the two questions.

Are you surprised that English speaking cultures use Arabic words?



Islamic dress code related to Islam?

Anyone traveling to an Arab country will notice the different dress code. In this activity, you will learn about the dress code for men and women.

The class will be divided into 4 groups, each group will research the topic of the Islamic dress code using the resources provided and prepare a two page paper explaining the types of dress of Muslim men and women.



The paper at a minimum should include the following points: related to Islam?

1) the religious basis of the dress code

2) the dress code for men explaining the names and types of dress

3) the dress code for women explaining the names and types of dress

4) how do the dress codes change in different countries

5) one drawing or photograph of each of the types of men’s and women’s dress

Website resources:

Muslim clothing facts

Women’s Traditional Clothing in Muslim Countries

Dress Codes -islam/islamic-law-in-daily-life/dress-codes.htm

The Islamic Dress Code



Women’s Rights Jigsaw Activity related to Islam?


Saudi Woman Campaigns for Right to Drive

group 1 = education

Group 2 = work

Group 3 = marriage

Group 4 = divorce

Group 5 = politics/suffrage

(make a copy of websites and articles)


Franks: related to Islam?Women’s Rights in the Arab World

Sabra: Women’s Rights in the Arab World: Equality, not just Before the Law

Macleod: What’s Holding Back Arab Women?

Out of the Shadows, into the World

Now is the Time

Nelson: In a Land of a Few Rights, Saudi Women Fight to Vote


Power Distance, Individualism/Collectivism, and Masculinity/Femininity

Review each dimension….

Cultural Dimensions in Arabic Countries Activity Sheet

Hofstede Centre (Chose a country from the “select a country” drop down menu. For Libya, chose the “Arab World”)



Listen to the following NPR broadcast and answer the questions below:

What Will Uprisings Mean for Women in the Arab World?

What are some of the advances in Women’s rights that people hope to see as a result of the Arab Spring?

What happens in the event of a divorce in the Arab world?

What dot the family laws include?

How can women’s rights be developed?