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Métis Nationalism. By: Britanni Hofer. Métis National Flag. Battle of Seven Oaks. Occurred during late 1815, and early 1816 . Marked the birth of the Métis Nation.

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Métis Nationalism

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By: Britanni Hofer.

Métis National Flag

Battle of Seven Oaks.

  • Occurred during late 1815, and early 1816.

  • Marked the birth of the Métis Nation.

  • This was a disagreement between Hudson Bay Company and the North West Company between fur-companies in Western Canada (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

  • The commander for the North West Company was Cuthbert Grant. The commander for Hudson Bay Company was Robert Semple.


  • The two; The Northwest Company and Hudson Bay Company, had been at each other since the establishment of the Red River Colony.

  • The Red River Colony was a colonization project. It was granted by The Hudson Bay Company.

  • The Northwest Company believed the settlement was just a way for Hudson Bay’s Company to gain control of the fur trade in the area.

Importance of Battle of Seven Oak…Which led to nationalism.

  • Cuthbert Grant later became an important figure in the Hudson's Bay Company after its merger with the Northwest Company.

  • The Battle of seven oaks, made the Métis who they are today. Nationalism is the devotion and loyalty to ones’ own nation. And this is exactly what the Métis did.

  • They proved to all the devotion and how much dedication they had in protecting their settlement.

All about the Event.

  • The Métis where worried that the farmers from Hudson Bay Company, would drive away the buffalo, which they needed to survive. The only way they knew how to.

  • Hudson Bay Company, had captured a Northwest Company fort, and burnt it up. The Métis looked upon this as a war.

  • Métis shot the first bullet.

  • The fought under a group of trees known as; Seven Oaks.

  • In a matter of minutes, all of Robert Semple and his men lay dead. Only one Métis was killed during the battle.

Impact on People and Society

  • When it first started happening; many of the children and woman where running from place to place, in alarm of what was going on.

  • Innocent people died, and others where frightened of the fight.


A part of the Métis.


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