Meanwhile in the usa
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Meanwhile, in the USA. . . PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Meanwhile, in the USA. US Isolationism. Americans wanted to stay out of Europe’s wars. FDR wanted to help Britain anyway. U. S. Lend-Lease Act, 1941.

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Meanwhile, in the USA. . .

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Meanwhile in the usa

Meanwhile, in the USA. . .

Us isolationism

US Isolationism

Americans wanted to stay out of Europe’s wars.

FDR wanted to help Britain anyway

Meanwhile in the usa

U. S. Lend-Lease Act,1941

Great Britain.........................$31 billionSoviet Union..........................$11 billionFrance..................................$3 billionChina..................................$1.5 billionOther European......................$500 millionSouth America.......................$400 millionThe amount totaled: $48,601,365,000

Lend lease act

Lend Lease Act

FDR sent war materials to foreign countries.

Meanwhile in the usa


Japan attacks pearl harbor america enters wwii december 7 1941

Japan attacks Pearl Harbor. America enters WWII.December 7, 1941

Economic gains


  • Unemployment fell to only 1.2% by 1944 and wages rose 35%

  • Farmers too benefited as production doubled and income tripled

Internment camp excutive order 9066

Internment campEXCUTIVE ORDER 9066

Allied powers

Allied Powers

The Allies were the USA, Great Britain, and the Soviet Union (USSR). These are called the “big three.”

Internment of japanese americans

Internment of Japanese Americans

USA was afraid if Japan were to attack the Pacific coast

The Government ordered them to move to camps.

Strangely japanese americans served in the army

Strangely, Japanese Americans served in the Army

Meanwhile in the usa


  • Among the brave men who fought in Italy were pilots of the all-black 99th squadron – the Tuskegee Airmen

  • The pilots made numerous effective strikes against Germany.

Women in workforce

Women in workforce…

Rosie the riveter

Rosie the Riveter

Women join the fight


  • Under Women’s Auxiliary Army Corps (WAAC) program women worked in non-combat roles such as nurses, ambulance drivers, radio operators, and pilots

Meanwhile in the usa

Paying for the War

Meanwhile in the usa

Ration Books

Meanwhile in the usa


  • Japan had a huge army that would defend every inch of the Japanese mainland

  • So Truman decided to use a powerful new weapon developed by scientists working on the Manhattan Project – the Atomic Bomb

Meanwhile in the usa

The Manhattan Project:Los Alamos, NM 1942

I am become death, the shatterer of worlds!

Major GeneralLesley R. Groves

Dr. Robert Oppenheimer

Meanwhile in the usa

Little Boy Fat Man

Enola Gay

Fdr dies truman president


  • President Roosevelt did not live to see V-E Day

  • On April 12, 1945, he suffered a stroke and died– his VP Harry S Truman became the nation’s 33rd president

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