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Psychological training programme
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Psychological training programme. P7- Techniques to include within your programme. Confidence. Positive thinking : Extent to which we expect to be successful. Self-image (imagery): - Pictures/ thoughts within our head, which influence how we feel and behave. Imagery is also tied in with…

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Psychological training programme

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Psychological training programme

Psychological training programme

P7- Techniques to include within your programme



Positive thinking: Extent to which we expect to be successful

Self-image (imagery):

- Pictures/ thoughts within our head, which influence how we feel and behave

  • Imagery is also tied in with…

  • Mental rehearsal

  • Relaxation technique

  • Boost confidence through imagery

  • Reinforce concentration

  • Mental rehearsal:

  • seeing/ hearing yourself playing

  • Develops skills/ confidence and reduces anxiety

Experience/ imagine the skill or performance in the mind instead of physically practicing the skill

Leaving a nerve imprint ready for when you physically perform



S M A R T goals:

Making sure they tailor to the individuals needs

Goal Setting:

Short term- 1 session- 1 Month

Medium term- 1-3 Months

Long term- 3 Months- years…

Outcome Goals:

- Win race/ Beat an opponent

Process Goals:

- Process factors that contribute to performing well

Remember to have a goal diary, in order to review goals on a weekly basis.



  • Relaxation:

  • Breathing control

  • PMR

  • Can be used to control arousal before, during and after competition and can be used in different way to draw out desired effects on performance.

  • Pre- performance routines:

  • Relating to the pre game superstitions/ preparations to make you feel adequately equipped psychologically to compete…

  • Mental rehearsal

  • Imagery

  • Relaxation techniques (music etc..)



Under- aroused: Energising techniques

- Imagery

- Mental rehearsal

- Controlling emotions: using self-talk and other techniques

Over-aroused: Relaxation techniques

- PMR- progressive muscular relaxation

- Breathing control

- Autogenic Technique (relaxation techniques- E.g. meditation/ visualisations

- Mind to muscle relaxation

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