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A phrodite
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A phrodite. By Mariah Stafford <3. My roman name is venus. I im the goddess of. love, beauty and sexual rapture < 3. My specal power is and my strength is.

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A phrodite

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A phrodite


ByMariah Stafford <3

My roman name is venus

My roman name isvenus

Love beauty and sexual rapture 3

I imthe goddess of

love, beauty and sexual rapture <3

My specal power is and my strength is

My specalpower is and my strength is

My power is to make everyone in love and happy! And my strength is to make men fall in love with her!!

Famous relatives mom dad sibling ect

Famous relatives mom dad sibling ect.

  • My dad was Zeus Could also be Uranus

    My mom is Dionne.

  • My brother is Dionysus

  • My half sisters and brother are Apollo, Hermes, Ares, Artemis, and Athena

  • My kids areEros PhoboseDeimosHarmoniaPothosAnteros and a wholee lot more!

mom dad !

Brother /sister /children!

Aphrodite story

Aphrodite story

  • I was made from foam from the sea and the waves

  • ihadmany husbands.

  • My husband now is Hephaestus, because of an arranged marriage from Hera.

  • I had no childhood and each person is born as an adult.

  • I was born near the island of Cyprus.

  • I loved her kids and grandkids she also loved all of men and goddess in her life.

  • When my son cupid found a human to love, I did all in her power to prevent the marriage.

  • Psyche was worshiped for her beauty in my homeland. This drove me mad but my son cupid married the princess.

The end

The end !!!!!!!!!!!

  • By Mariah Stafford

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